Spiritual Healing

Mindfulness is a way of finding peace in a frantic world, is reaching full awareness of what is happening in the present. Let us help you to live in the NOW and discover a contemplative mindset.

Counseling and Life Coaching

Consciousness speaks to our mind and open our awareness about ourselves. Our attitudes, moods, habits, actions and views are depending on the kind of energy fields that circulates around our body. Whether the energy is in balance or imbalance flow, this can recognize through the colored energy exerted and surround the physical body like a halo, is known as Aura energy field, or the location where the healing take place.

Holistic Healing

Healing, a word that everyone who is affected either directly or indirectly by a disease or any form of hurting will seek, wish, or pray for among others. As a result, there are various ways to healing; medication, prayers, and meditation are the most popular. However, among these methods which are used to realize healing, which is the most effective or which is the sure way towards healing?

Remote Healing

Bea works with remote healing on your body, mind and spirit, which has cellular memory and can rapidly change by "removing the old programming" and replacing it with positive programming. Some clients can receive instant healing, because NO subconscious program, or believes is blocking it.

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