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Anxiety – A man gets this message since he is born – you are going to be the provider. It’s like a commandment, the commandment that becomes a threat in his life.  He fears – I will not be a provider!  What would happen if I am not going to be the provider?  This commandment was delivered to your consciousness by your ancestors and your society.  You are a man, you must be the provider.  You cannot be a man without taking care of the family and if you have three or four children, you can go crazy.

If you live in America it is twice as scary because of how much you have to provide for your family: education, health insurance, medicine, cars.  If you have three or four children, how could you take care of the family?  Deep into your subconscious mind the fear grinds and decolorizes your aura:  “How am I going to pay for all this?”

You woke up in sweat because a crocodile was chasing you in your dream?  Is the crocodile real?  No.  Yet does it help?  I think that this commandment imposed on men is worse than the crocodile in your dream.  Sure we have to provide for our families, but does it help if we are worried to death about it all the time?  No, this constant grinding eventually impinges on one’s health and manifests itself in diseases.

Whose fault this is?  This is the fault of outdated belief system.  They are coming from a command that was brought back by our family, by parents, by people who had a simple life where a father was going to work every day and mother was at home.  This is not the case anymore.  Today both men and women share the burden.  There are many women who are mother and father.

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