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Astral Projection-OBE


astral projection-OBE

astral projection-OBE

Various cultures and religions for centuries mention about this phenomenon.  It is referred to as astral projection or “out of body” experience – OBE.

It is a state of a mind when a spirit detaches from a body and can flows through the space and time.

Tips for using astral projection-OBE:

Find an isolated spot, where you cannot be disturbed.  It can be a separate room, a roof of a house, a garden or a see shore.  Start meditating. That is empty your mind of all thoughts and focus on nothingness.   After a while you might start hearing noises and seeing bright light. Remain calm as you are about to be projected.  Do not be afraid if this will happen as you can easily come back just by thinking about it.

 Aura Reading

Indian religions suggest that each person has aura.  Aura is individual’s life energy – a subtle glow surrounding one’s body.  Aura can be brighter or dimmer reflecting the individual’s inner strength.

A palette of different colors composes Aura. Their location and brightness within aura can tell an experienced psychic about an individual character, mood or her state of health.

Aura reading is oftentimes used in conjunction with other psychic abilities such as empathy in order to help people with various problems connected with their spirit.

Tips for performing an aura reading:

In order to read auras, you have to be able to recognize them. They are a combination of electromagnetic radiation and infrared radiation. Additionally, they consist of several layers which are in different colors

You will have to learn what each color signifies. This way, you can easily see what kind of character a person has

Similarly to energy, we are able to pick up negative “vibes” from a person. They can affect your aura, corrupting it in the process. Aura readers need to know when it’s time to cleanse their aura and how to protect it from outside influence

When reading aura, pay attention to how you feel when you are in the vicinity of another person. In time, as you get more proficient, this will come naturally

Perform exercises that will increase your affinity to colors and improve your peripheral vision. You have to concentrate on the area around a person as well as the colors surrounding her so having these skills is a must

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