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Astral Travel

Astral Travel Healing Thoughts



Fear of Flying, or to Recycle your Thoughts?

Astral Travel Healing thoughts

Astral Travel Healing thoughts

You may be interested and at the same time fearful… you may think that you will never come back “home” to your physical body?

No way, otherwise you will never engage in astral travel every night when you go to sleep.  When you are flying, you are conscious that you have entered and moving within a different dimension.

We are in times of AIR element.  It’s through this element that we can recycle our ancestors memory.

It’s difficult to stay on the astral plane, but never difficult to come back. Most people get polled back to normal consciousness much too quickly. So do not worry about losing your body, neither your mind.

Getting scared as soon as you start flying will not allow you to heal your thoughts with meditation. Metaphysical Healing navigates in your own thoughts.

 The main difference between dreams and astral travel is that a lucid dream keeps you at “home’ inside your physical body, whereas, in an astral travel, you will fly above your physical body entering your spiritual body.   

This altered state of consciousness involves:

  • Moving on a variety of directions.
  • Experiencing a sense of expanding and contracting.
  • Looking in all directions at once, and seeing your own body from a distance.
Just imagine where you would like to go and how to get there, do not stick to simple walking. 
Fly with flair! you are in a higher vibration
Begin to transform.  Now you are ready to soar!

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