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Aura Colors

The Aura interacts with other Auras

The soil, stone, crystal, plants, animals and other living and non-living things lying beneath the Earth have its own energy stored within. This energy was the result of an electromagnetic reaction. It vibrates and releases energy within that illuminates outside its medium. It produces light like a halo with different colors, frequency and shapes, known as Aura. We are constantly receiving or giving others electromagnetic vibrations, this can result of being “drained” or feeling “motivated”, depending on their vibration received. Metaphysical healing takes place in the aura.

Aura colors and its meaning

As an ordinary person, practicing a higher state of consciousness, we can also train ourselves in determining Aura of other species. Like what I said, aura has its colors and shapes too. Color frequency, is used to determine the inner intention of a person. This is commonly used in religion seeking or in analyzing a friend, relatives and strangers personality.

Red Aura Colors The densest color that attracts or repels friction like money obsessions, anger, anxiety or nervousness. In Good and Bright state, it serves an energy of a Healthy ego
Orange Aura Color It relates to reproductive organs and emotions. It is for vitality, good health and excitements with a lot of energy and stamina — creativity, productivity, adventurous, courageous, human nature and more…
Yellow Aura Color Spleen and life energy. The color of Awakening, inspirational, intelligent and optimistic.
Green Aura Color Related to the heart and lungs. A very comfortable and healthy color of nature. Represents balance and growth.
Blue Aura Color Relates to the throat, thyroid. Cool, calm, and collected. Caring, loving, love to help others, sensitive, intuitive.
Indigo Aura Color It is related to the third eye, sensitivity, intuition and empathy.
Violet Aura Color It is the most sensitive and wisest color that reveals the psychic power. Visionary, idealistic, artistic and magical personality.
Lavender Aura Color Aura of imaginative, visionary, daydreamer and etheric person.
Silver Aura Color Color of abundance spiritually and physically.
Gold Aura Color The color of divinity and enlightenment with highest spiritual wisdom
Black Aura Color Contains pains and unreleased griefs that lead to consume lights from their energy and provides health problems.
White Aura Color Purity and truthfulness
Earth Aura Colors Colors of soil, wood, mineral and plants. This indicates the person is a nature lover.
Rainbow Aura Colors Rainbow-colored stripes, sticking out like sunbeams from the hand, head or body: A Reiki healer, or a starperson (someone who is in the first incarnation on Earth)
Pastel Aura Colors Shows sensitivity and needs for serenity
Dirty Brown Overlay Aura Colors It shows insecurities
Dirty Gray Overlay Aura Colors It indicates blocked energies.


So, knowing the aura colors and its meaning will give us information how to interact with them. It will provide our consciousness an idea how to deal with them and how to ignore them. We must be AWARE of this phenomena. Stones, crystals, and other minerals also contain vibration stored on them, the energy that came from the old owners or directly from nature. This can be attracted, influence and pollutes our own energy field or aura.


Unawareness of the aura colors will provide positive or negative results because if you are interacting with the aura of an unhealthy person, your aura can be influenced and pollute by them making your energy field a weak and producing unhealthy aura in you. The more people we are in touch the more we exchange energy with them. That is the reason why massage therapy, acupuncture, and other holistic therapy are using mediums in giving relaxation to clients by exchanging their positive energy to produce healing.

Meditation, yoga and REIKI are common healing arts, for spiritual assessment and Holistic Healing. It connects us to our environment and our aura interacts with the nature’s aura colors. It’s in this etheric body spiritual healing takes place.


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