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Aura Energy Field

aura energy field

aura energy field


Consciousness speaks to our mind and opens our awareness about ourselves. Our attitudes, moods, habits, actions and views are depending on the kind of energy fields that circulates around our body. Whether the energy is in balance or imbalance flow, this can recognize through the colored energy exerted and surround the physical body like a halo, is known as Aura energy field, or the location where the healing takes place.

Aura energy field comes with different colors and different shapes that signify the kind of energy flows within us. It is like a bulb of light in the middle of the dark place. This is easy to be seen by some psychic experts who specializes their skills in reading the Aura. They can determine the level of any person’s Aura, they called “The Subtle Bodies”. These are the physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body, and the Astral body. Every one of these aurae has come with different frequency of vibration so that the psychic expert can read them.

  1. The physical body is the first layer of human Aura and have a low frequency vibration. It is like a thin milky layer that can easily be seen by the naked eye of an expert. It is formed through the electrical energy that flows throughout the physical matters of our body such as organs and systems.
  2. The Emotional body is the second layer with a high frequency vibration, that responses through our emotions like hatred, pain, trauma, happiness, jealousy and so on. It will provide different result, everyday because it constituted with your subconscious state that analyzes how to response to your daily encounters in life.
  3. The Mental body is the layer of your aura that responses from your past memories, experiences and beliefs. A high-frequency vibration that is unchangeable revealing a person’s personality traits.
  4. The Spiritual body is another high frequency layer that emanates from your beliefs and deeds of past, present and future. The aura that will be exerted will depend on your hearts stored energy resulted from your daily deeds. This can be positive or negative that will attract the outside force to provide the outcome of your past deed. In some beliefs, the result can be equivalent to “Karma” if your past deeds are bad. A blessings if you blessed others from the past.
  5. The Astral body is the blueprint of our physical body. It is the duplicate of our body in an astral form that can be removed and astral traveling through time and space. It also has the equivalent subtle body like us.

The aura energy field will also have the color that can also basis of determining the intention and personality of any person. The colors are the product of the energy fields of our body. Our energy field interacts with the energy field of others. This can be discussed as we go through the more advanced study of Aura.


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