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Psychic Reader, Master Tarot Teacher and Energy Healer


Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Have you experienced an instance where you desire for something and after a period of time, somehow you happen to have exactly what you desired? Well, it is not just miracle, there is an explanation to it, you are practicing the law of attraction, and you can use it

Motherhood Energy

Motherhood Energy Motherhood energy starts the moment the moment we were born, brought by our mothers. One of the most powerful forces in the universe and with the greatest ability to heal comes from the divine feminine energy. The divine feminine energy is a vibration growing and gro

Talk to me

Talk to Me Clairaudient – Talk to me, let me speak it out for you! Communication…do you really understand the meaning and power of this word? For communication to happen; there has to be two or more entities that are talking through the various ways, then both creating a common

Mother Earth Energy

Living this earthly life feels so good to me every moment I wake up at dawn. I always wake up to the welcoming fresh air and the lovely morning birds singing their charming tunes. This is what keeps me smiling all day. This is why I consider earth as an awesome and consistent provider

Healing Arts

Healing Arts Reality of things that we have is not by any way influenced or manipulated by their intentional effectiveness. But on the other hand, it is clear that mindful or mental healing as well as healthy eating is the ultimate treat that brings forth what is expected and desired.

Spirituality Western Approach

Spirituality Western Approach It is common to hear the word “dual” and “nondual” in spiritual circles. These words are broad in essence, because of its multi-reference point and can only be clearly defined within the context that it is used. Dualism is the obse

Frequencies and Vibrations

Frequencies and Vibrations   One wave of vibration is a wave in a second and the number of vibrations per second is the frequency. The law of vibration shows that everything vibrates, everything is energy. The word vibration comes from the Greek “energas” which means what


Frequencies Vibrations, Healing                I’m sure you have heard the phrase “you get what you give” or what you put out comes back to you.” Are these just two phrases rooted in folkloric jargon or are they backed by metaphysical laws of nature? The latter

Healing Power of Chant

Healing Power of Chant Chant is the singing of words or hums with a rhythm or tune of different sounds, tempo, pitch and loudness or softness that creates a vast experience of unexplained feeling. Hearing a chant or reciting creates a tremendous spiritual feeling similar to the experi

Love Healing Power

Love Healing Power You cannot create love Love has to happen; it cannot be created with our logical understanding and decision. That is why; the whole world uses the symbol of love as heart not head. Logical thinking happens in our head, but when the real love happens, we do not know