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Psychic Reader, Master Tarot Teacher and Energy Healer


Energy Healing

Energy Healing In the modern times and contemporary era of technology and industrial revolution, the usual human problems are now accompanied by more difficult and challenging obstacles.  Before, life was simpler, such that you will never go hungry as long as you plant food on your ba

Thoughts Energy Healing

Thoughts Energy Healing  All of man’s challenges and difficulties arise from mistaking illusions for reality. Most of us have developed a mindset that happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity lies outside ourselves.  Our internal dialogue runs endlessly, judging ourselves and others whe

Changing Thoughts

Changing  Thoughts From the time we are born and enter this realm we absorb and suck in all that is around us. Our mind acts like a recorder and holds all of our past experiences, stories, compliments, let downs all of the above and more. These things that we absorb and experience cre

Spirit Guides Music

Spirit Guides Music If we are making it or liking it, music has the ability to move our souls, while connecting to your spirit guides through it sounds. The tasteful feeling that is energized by music can lift and support our frequencies or otherworldly being. Music accomplishes more

Spirit Guides Writing

Helpful inspirational writing will empower the process of being united with our spirit guides, associates, instructors, or even speak with the loved ones who have recently passed on. This methodology is alluded to as diverting. We permit data of particular people to come to us and thr

Happy New Intuitive Year 2014!

  Celebrate that your intuition is highly practical. Your intuition does not judge when and where to participate.  Your Intuition is open and willing to help you in every area of your life. It will help you with your relationships, money, career, business, children, and your life purp


  Perhaps you have a fear of loneliness during the holidays as many often do. You have several things at your disposal; join a community group, join a meet-up group, keep your mind focused on replacing that fear with action. The lethality of loneliness can be disparaging to our b

Ascending Energy

Ascending Energy Ascension means raising your vibrations to a higher frequency. As the planet ascends to a higher vibration, all the inhabitants of Mother Earth: plants, trees, animals and humans are exposed to a New Consciousness. The waves of Ascension are taking place NOW, more tha

The Fifth Dimension

   Fifth Dimension and You! Time has come for all of us to awaken; it is the moment to reach a Higher Vibration; the 5th. Dimension. This higher vibration is intangible and invisible, therefore, is located in our mind. The pineal and pituitary glands enable us to vibrate in highe

Balancing Chakras Energy

We have 7 major chakras that are energy centers located within our spiritual bodies. They are portals for the universal life force that moves our being. Various events, especially those of a traumatic nature, can cause blockage to our chakras. This can have an adverse effect on us. Ev