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Intuition Development Class – January 2014

Classes and Workshops- January 2014 “INTUITION DEVELOPMENT CLASS FOR THE NEW ERA HEALERS” (8 hour workshop)  This program is designed to give you the tools and strategies to tap into your inner psychic ability and achieve a more meaningful understanding of Spiritual Healin

Intuition is Non Linear Thinking

Intuition is Non Linear Thinking  Modern souls are today day-dreamers because they live in a brand new dimension, the Fifth.Dimension. price for clomid Born with a New Consciousness, they think in a Non Linear way, meaning they thinking is non-sequential, random and full of complexity

Spiritual Body

SPIRITUAL BODY In the last 2.500 years, humanity lived during the Piscean Age – where people spent their entire life working primarily on the physical and emotional body.   Pisces is ruled by the element water and our body is 80% liquid.  Emotions are ruled by the water element. Now w

Music Frequencies

Boost Your Frequency with Music! You do not have to be a musician to play an instrument; it’s all in your mind. You never know what combination of tones will increase your vibrations, but in order to find out, start combining different notes or sounds; imagine a fusion of salsa, cha-c

Music Power Healing

The Healing Power of Music is the immediate alternative to boost your frequency. Among many other virtues, listening to your favorite music will lower anxiety and improve focus and concentration. Music is much more powerful than you imagine. Music therapy is broadly defined as the use

Dance Self-Healing

Dance Self-Healing Make a date with your inner “spiritual healer” dancing.  Dance…Dance…Dance… and increase the frequency of your vibrations. Become your own spiritual healer. Dancing is the oldest and most elementary form of spiritual expression; all the other forms

Healing Loneliness

Healing Loneliness Are you fearful being alone?  Are you avoiding at all costs so you are not alone?  Do you feel being single is worse than death?  Being obsessed about relationships is not healthy.  Agonizing over LOVE deprivation is not good for you (or your current or future partn

Love Slave versus the Narcissist

 Love “slaves” are constantly looking for someone to love and end up with an unloving partner instead. Many of my female clients ask me why they get involved with the “wrong guys”. As a relationship coach I decided to illustrate these opposite and complementary

Love Dreamer

      LOVE DREAMER Love dreamers fall in love with the “person of their dreams” all the time.  Such a “person of their dreams” rarely exists.  What happens is that love dreamers project their fantasies, hopes and aspirations for happiness, financial comfor

Healing Words

Our words go into the Universe with magnetic power and come back to us in forms of abundance or scarcity, meaning : Quantum state of Consciousness. Sometimes you need more abundance of LOVE, friends, joy, not money…don’t be surprised if your abundance shows up in the area that you did