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Dinning with the stars

Dining with the Stars  Cancer Full Moon Dinner DAY: Saturday, June the 22nd.2013 TIME: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm  The powerful Moon is at home in Cancer, if you are willing to experience: romance, mystery, intuition, wonder and more…join us and boost your emotions at the Ocean 2000 verandah

Belief System

Belief System The Power of Belief System Beliefs and the Feelings that we have about them- makes our reality Spiritual Healings are possible only when we are open to them and willing to accept them in order to receive their benefits. That’s where the difference between belief, faith a

Universal Belief Alignment

 UNIVERSAL BELIEF ALIGNMENT   BELIEF Is a Program that creates our REALITY and the Operating System is our MIND Following the Quantum discoveries, we have to rethink how the universe works; For instance matter itself, meaning the tangible and visible doesn’t even exist the

Once in a Full Moon

Once in a Full Moon Connect with your Emotions Dining and Wining with Full Moon and Bea Kobran The Full Moon has travelled as far as it can from the Sun and now rests directly opposite to it. This is the Moon of highest energy; everyone is a psychic during that night!! As well a Full

Ego versus Love

Ego versus Love The conscious mind “control freak”, will always try to defend itself. Many times we think that love means control!   No, It’s our EGO that struggles to maintain its domination patterns. This process overrules the HEART, which closes up in despair until there is unity a

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

THE MASSIVE SPIRITUAL GROWTH Thursday, April 25th. Lunar Eclipse will bring Spiritual energies into the planet. It is a time of initiation and massive Spiritual growth. This is the most powerful & sacred Full Moon of the Year when Humanity & our Mother Earth receive the highes

Mother Earth Healing

 MOTHER EARTH HEALING A hundred years ago, most people lived off the land they were farming. No one had the need for treadmills, exercise gyms, endless variety of diets and the like to stay in shape.  Everyone got their daily aerobic need at work. The farmers, as well the housewife

Energy Healing is in The Air

Energy Healing is done on the Electromagnetic Field of the being; this concerns the AIR element, the Nervous system, and the Adrenal Glands of the physical body.  The brain, spine and nerves are body regulators of an electromagnetic nature. Each body cell is a carrier of its own elect

Guilt is Energy Waste

Guilt is Energy Waste – Why I don’t love myself? Have you ever found yourself almost boasting about self-hatred? Telling others and yourself what you think all your defects are? In short – saying “I don’t like myself”. You may be saying, for example: I have been very

Self Healing Power

   Self Healing Power Self-healing means that you, yourself, can help your own body and mind balance and health. The energy work of self-healing is still relatively unknown in our Western culture, where the power of mind is still not as recognized as it should be. The culture of self-