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Psychic Reader, Master Tarot Teacher and Energy Healer


Michael G. Testimonial Part 1

My original attitude towards occult belief I’d say, that when it comes to occult stuff, I was rather pessimistic, an agnostic so to speak.  This means that day to day I didn’t believe in it, and even crack jokes at the opportune moments, but once in awhile, I came across some weird ap

Energy Healing -Three Steps

Energy Healing – Three Steps The first thing in a healing process is to bring balance to the energy centers.  To undertake this task – a healer must have a keen perception and knowledge of the metaphysical world – Specifically- this operation requires a proficiency i

Energy Healing Approach

Energy Healing Approach Recently a client of mine gave me a call. He is a lawyer and a judge in Puerto Rico. He usually calls me every year for holidays: Christmas, Happy New year, etc. This time he revealed me that the first time when he called me – he had an extreme case of an


Anxiety – A man gets this message since he is born – you are going to be the provider. It’s like a commandment, the commandment that becomes a threat in his life.  He fears – I will not be a provider!  What would happen if I am not going to be the provider?  This commandment was

Remote Healing

Astral projections are distance independent.  Thus, in order to perform astral healing, we don’t need to physically in the same place for healing to take place.  This is because the space where our astral body is projected does not exist in out three-dimensional world.  Yet I would ha

Kundalini Energy

How can I help a person who came to visit me? I work with astral projections and with the three bodies that surround a person, physical, emotional and spiritual or astral. Simply put, the astral body is the informational component of your personality – the place where all your feeling

Spirit Guides

Another one of my abilities is to communicate with spirit guides.  I feel that I am surrounded by a few them.  I perceive their voices since I was a child and was listening to them thinking that this was a very common thing, like hearing, vision or a sense of touch.  I think everybody

Psychic social stigma

Skeptics – The Social Stigma Psychics and Healers have being historically rejected by religions and media- Till nowadays no one wants to admit that help could come from a spiritual healer- let alone a psychic. Several years ago a young man wanted to know if his mom would be rele

Tarot Reading

As I said earlier, Tarot is one of the tools I use.  Each of 78 Tarot cards relates to one number, one letter, and some object.  For example the sun or the moon. Each has a meaning and a relation to the energy around us and our values.  I use Tarots to answer your question.  However,

My Approach to life – Sensing Energy

Sensing Energy Since I was a child I saw reality in different ways – I was sensing energy. Today I know that my mind lives in two different dimensional spaces; the regular one where nature, humans and all alive and non-alive matter resides and another one – inhabited by spirits,