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Psychic Reader, Master Tarot Teacher and Energy Healer


Meditation Awareness

Meditation Awareness Get your awareness to next level with Meditation, spiritual growth is waiting for you to ascend.   Happiness, good health, and sustainability are closely associated with the harmony of life energy. So, are you finding it hard to find happiness, concentration at yo

Spiritual Healing History

Spiritual Healing History Spiritual Healing is based on Ancient Medicine Ancient medicine dates to the dawn of man when a new understanding of the human self was achieved. Early man attributed illness to supernatural beings such as a deity, demons, witchcraft or even natural influence

Mindfull Behavior

Mindful Behavior We have learned different kinds of mindfulness in life that can be useful in coping up different experiences like fortunes, failures, happiness, loneliness, fears and more things that may affect the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth. Hope you have learn

Open your consciousness learning Tarot

It is common knowledge that consciousness is a vital aspect of live and living that you can’t afford to overlook. Nevertheless, the problem is normally how to engage and operationalize consciousness. There are a number of ways and one of these is through learning tarot. The tarot has

Tarot Reading

 Tarot reading for spiritual ascension is not a kind of a card game we usually play at home. Tarot self-reading,  is the highest form of physical tools in determining the information from within, or simply, it is the physical form of communication with your intuition. The word ‘tarot’


WHOLENESS All human are bound to understand the way their surrounding reacts on their individuality, the way it influence their culture, views on life, traditions and beliefs. We are here to study our environment, the nature, the ecosystem, the humanity, the way of living and the tota

Energy Healing in Crisis Time

During crisis times, one of the major effects that those directly involved as well as those indirectly involved in trauma. With the many crises, especially now in the world; from the terror caused by Isis and the massive invasion of immigrants, trauma and other crisis related effects

Spiritual Ascension

Being spiritual is an impetus not only for the individual, but also for the society in general. Given the benefits of being spiritual in general, it is important that any person should seek to develop and ascend in their spiritual being. How do you d this? In order to ascend to new di

Psychic Scam

Psychic Scam Literally, people often think that the psychic is terrible due to negative experience they encountered and heard about. And there are some individuals, who is faking or claiming psychics that adding awful reputation such as psychic reading that turns to wrong predictions.

Healing Psychic Fears

Healing Psychic Fears are at most beneficial and rewarding.  People living their lives as psychics always view the world from a different angle and with a higher perception than normal. Their psychic abilities are what make them feel the world using their six senses. It’s this feeling