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Psychic Reader, Master Tarot Teacher and Energy Healer


Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing I took efforts to make an advancement of my knowledge of healing and to be able to answer inquiries from students and followers.  I researched and study the ancient teachings of several spiritual traditions:  Buddhism, Judeo-Christian sacraments, Hinduism Chakras, Sh

Consciousness Awareness

Consciousness Awareness Being awake does not mean that we are aware of everything. As we discuss that consciousness is a marvelous and mysterious gift, we can say how grateful and genius our Creator.  Consciousness awareness is still working even we are sleeping or in an unconscious s

New Consciousness

Since the 1970s when the concept of new consciousness began, it has grown through the years and it is expected that this concept with will more pronounced, more adopted, and more practiced. The new age ideology has been growing each year and as we head into 2015, the new age is expect

Money Spiritual Asset

Money is a medium in trade industries; it is the form of payment in exchange for any products, services and/or debts.  It belongs to necessity for every human for their livings.  It is their protection against suffering, poverty and death. When we observe the literal form of money, it

Money spiritual energy

Money Spiritual Energy The space, the universe, the galaxies, the solar system, up to the smallest particles of human cell is moving in circular motion.  This orderly movement is known as “Circulation”.  It balances every living and non-living materials.  When everything is in balance

Planetary Spiritual Crisis

It is a cause for worry that almost every part of the world today is experiencing wars or a political crisis. It is also frightening that currently, the world is witnessing some of the highly intensive crisis which includes civil wars for the case of Syria to ideologically oriented cr

Self-Love energy

Self Love Energy Self-Love energy, that many-a-times unexplainable experience, has an energy that is not only healing, but also self-fulfilling. How do you feel when someone tells you they love you? It can be intimate love between couples, family love between the various members of a

The economics of the Soul

The soul is valuable to human that requires fostering and nurturing to attain maturity, prosperity and divinity.  Caring for soul needs to have keen observation of detailed conditions in life. Simple activities or things can be a contributing factor to the condition of one’s soul.  Ig

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is known to be the broad way of being conscious.  It is the awareness to something different within yourself.  Answering your past questions in life.  It is also the shifting of old consciousness to new one.  It is the process of knowing yourself, enlightened to ne

Beyond Realm Hope

Beyond Realm is Hope There are some things that go beyond the world of beings that we are in. It involves the spirits that go beyond the life lived to that to be lived in future. It is neither our consciousness nor our knowledge but it leads on to eternal life. This eternal life has b