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Psychic Reader, Master Tarot Teacher and Energy Healer


Spiritual Awakening

 Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Awakening requirement is to get disconnected! Did you ever feel being overwhelmed by life: obligations, payments, projects, and meetings, phone calls, emails so that you feel more like a biological robot than an individual?  If a thought of your life bei

Ascending Energy

Ascending Energy Ascension means raising your vibrations to a higher frequency. As the planet ascends to a higher vibration, all the inhabitants of Mother Earth: plants, trees, animals and humans are exposed to a New Consciousness. The waves of Ascension are taking place NOW, more tha

Balancing Chakras Energy

We have 7 major chakras that are energy centers located within our spiritual bodies. They are portals for the universal life force that moves our being. Various events, especially those of a traumatic nature, can cause blockage to our chakras. This can have an adverse effect on us. Ev

Music Frequencies

Boost Your Frequency with Music! You do not have to be a musician to play an instrument; it’s all in your mind. You never know what combination of tones will increase your vibrations, but in order to find out, start combining different notes or sounds; imagine a fusion of salsa, cha-c

Music Power Healing

The Healing Power of Music is the immediate alternative to boost your frequency. Among many other virtues, listening to your favorite music will lower anxiety and improve focus and concentration. Music is much more powerful than you imagine. Music therapy is broadly defined as the use

Healing Loneliness

Healing Loneliness Are you fearful being alone?  Are you avoiding at all costs so you are not alone?  Do you feel being single is worse than death?  Being obsessed about relationships is not healthy.  Agonizing over LOVE deprivation is not good for you (or your current or future partn

Healing Words

Our words go into the Universe with magnetic power and come back to us in forms of abundance or scarcity, meaning : Quantum state of Consciousness. Sometimes you need more abundance of LOVE, friends, joy, not money…don’t be surprised if your abundance shows up in the area that you did

Dinning with the stars

Dining with the Stars  Cancer Full Moon Dinner DAY: Saturday, June the 22nd.2013 TIME: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm  The powerful Moon is at home in Cancer, if you are willing to experience: romance, mystery, intuition, wonder and more…join us and boost your emotions at the Ocean 2000 verandah

Universal Belief Alignment

 UNIVERSAL BELIEF ALIGNMENT   BELIEF Is a Program that creates our REALITY and the Operating System is our MIND Following the Quantum discoveries, we have to rethink how the universe works; For instance matter itself, meaning the tangible and visible doesn’t even exist the

Self Healing Power

   Self Healing Power Self-healing means that you, yourself, can help your own body and mind balance and health. The energy work of self-healing is still relatively unknown in our Western culture, where the power of mind is still not as recognized as it should be. The culture of self-