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Frequencies and Vibrations


One wave of vibration is a wave in a second and the number of vibrations per second is the frequency. The law of vibration shows that everything vibrates, everything is energy.

frequencies and vibrations

frequencies and vibrations

The word vibration comes from the Greek “energas” which means what is active, in motion. The energy or vibration is all that is moving. Within each, in the deepest part, is found the atom, the vibration is the motion of the electron around the atom. All bodies in the universe contain, from the heavenly stars, to plants, stones, and of course humans. Our substance is the universal creative energy, the light, the energy of the big bang.

When it comes to us, as human beings, we have conscience and it´s our duty, our path, to raise our conscience. Our soul, compound by energy, is modificated by several things.

We perceive the world thought our sense. And the consequences from our interactions in the material reality; the way life makes us feel, resonate with our traumas, our first times feeling all. That is a divine opportunity to heal. When conflict arises in our emotions, enables us to go to the primitive cause and with our conscience, understand with unconditional love and heal. In that way energy start to arise, unblocking our chakras. 

But the energy of fear, acts on the mind, the mind that is not who we are. Everything is vibrating, everything generates a vibration, and we attract what we are.

It’s time to wake up, to sync with the universe and learn that thoughts are vibrating. All are guided by vibration and resonance. Every thought sends a signal and receives a signal in return; it resonates and is made of the same energy as the signal sent. That is the vibrational frequency of the power of the mind. This is how “attract” things into your life.

Moods, change of moods are issued to the universe in sounds and colors; these vibrations affect you in the same way that were issued to other minds, intensifying the emotional and mental states that are in tune with them.

For example, one of the gifts that you get when you raise your vibrational frequency is that you only will receive the most positive, beautiful and pure energies.

I want to remind you about the importance of meditation and increased awareness. The increase in vibration level is achieved from the goodness and when you seek harmony. All the forces of the universe, are interested in you can achieve the universal balance and harmony; in your elevation and fulfillment .

Bea Kobran – Holistic Therapist, Intuitive Counselor, Psychic Reader
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Crystal Energy and Astral-Projection, Certified Reiki Master and Meta physician, Certified Theta-Healing® Practitioner, Certified Relationship Coach, Certified & Licensed Counselor, FL State, Intuitive and Clairvoyant 

Healing Power of Love. 2


healing power of love

healing power of love

You cannot create love

Love has to happen; it cannot be created with our logical understanding and decision. That is why; the whole world uses the symbol of love as heart not head. Logical thinking happens in our head, but when the real love happens, we do not know the reason, just feel connected. When the real love happens, we overflow with so much of energy that we will have the courage to share, whatever we have, with others. Whether it is time, talent, pleasure, or energy, only when we are overflowing we can share it. Love happens only naturally, never through compulsion. If we try to create love, it will be like opening the petals of the flower to make it bloom. Can it be called flowering? No. Love is a flower it blossoms deep within our being and sends out sweet fragrance that we share with others.

Healing power of LOVE

Love has the power of healing. Love can do lot of good things for the body and mind. Even caring pet animals releases a hormone in us that allows us to live at ease with our body. If caring for our pet animals does so much in our system, surely caring for the husband or wife will do lot more! All types of restlessness happen in a man’s body and mind can be healed with love.

Types of tension or restlessness and healing

  1. The first kind of restlessness or tension happens due our circumstances. Sometimes in a particular place or situation, we feel restless. When we move away from those circumstances, we feel comfortable. Even in those uncomfortable circumstances, if we show just a gesture of love to someone, or if someone shows a gesture of love to us, things become instantly better for us. Examples of these types of situations are while we are in the interview hall, in a new office or in a group of new people etc.
  2. The second type of restlessness is physical. It is nothing but a constant tension in our body for no particular reason. This can be released when we show love to somebody. We may ask, “How can love take away physical restlessness? Example, A mother takes care of the child will feel continuously rejuvenated because of love, in spite of the child driving her crazy. Otherwise taking care of a child is not an easy job! Any tension in the body disappears when we care for somebody, when we smile at somebody, when we express love through body language. Understand, whenever we express love, we express energy and we become a channel for healing.
  3. Third form of tension is mental and which can be healed by love very easily. Mental tension is purely intellectual. Research indicates that when we play with pets or children, we reduce the possibility of heart attack and any other fatal diseases. Even reading this article can heal many psychological problems we are carrying which we do not want to disclose and discuss. A proper understanding about love can resolve so many issues and problems and can open new perspective in our life.
  4. The fourth form of restlessness is emotional. Emotional restlessness cannot be controlled or healed by just a few kind words of consolation. It can be healed only when we express love; it floods our being with energy. Negative emotional are like high-resolution pictures in a hard disk. If there are too many high-resolution pictures, the hard disk crashes. Love can convert these high-resolution pictures into simple text documents and millions of documents we can handle with ease.                                                                        Healing Power of Love

Most of us do not love our self and society never taught this to us. When we do not love our self, we become cynical and negative towards life. Unless you love yourself, how can you love others? How can a blind show path to others? How can a beggar make other person rich? How can a manager manage his subordinates when he is not able to manage himself? How can you love others when you do not love yourself? Just having an idea to make others rich alone, does not have any significance or meaning; the beggar has to become rich to implement the idea of making others rich. The manager should be capable enough to manage and handle his own emotions and problems in the life. Unless this happens, he will create problem for his subordinates and for himself, however hard he tries. The same principle applies to LOVE also.


 Bea Kobran – Holistic Therapist, Intuitive Counselor, Psychic Reader




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E-mail: Bea@PlanetaryHealings.com

Crystal Energy and Astral-Projection, Certified Reiki Master and Meta physician, Certified Theta-Healing® Practitioner, Certified Relationship Coach, Certified & Licensed Counselor, FL State, Intuitive and Clairvoyant 

Ascending Energy


Ascension means raising your vibrations to a higher frequency. As the planet ascends to a higher vibration, all the inhabitants of Mother Earth: plants, trees, animals and humans are exposed to a New Consciousness.

The waves of Ascension are taking place NOW, more than ever you will hear people speaking about angels, archangels, spirit guides, and other invisible beings available to help us all. Relax and trust the flow to take you into this new LIGHT and it will.

We are not ascending alone, some beings are waiting for us to “ join the club”, they are already in the fifth Dimension. They are all members of the Angelic Hierarchy of the elemental kingdom, among them are: fairies, gnomes, goblins, salamanders, mermaids, dragons, unicorns and many more angelic spirits.

Because all your words, thoughts, emotions and actions are vibrations that attract similar energy, watch your words and thoughts, keep them “purified” by acting with love and integrity. Realize that everything you send to the universe comes back to you, and your new friends are angelical spirits.

Ascending Energy

Ascending Energy

There are a few exceptions to this such as past life contracts with lower vibrations which bring great challenges that are lessons of this time life that we must respect and acknowledge; the people involved are our teachers. Some other common challenges may be difficulties at work, financial struggles, or relationships conflicts. Your chosen mission or destiny is to face all of the challenges with your best potential. Your spirit guide or guardian angel is always next to you whispering suggestions to help. You may need to practice Meditation to access the blueprint of your destiny.

A higher level frequency is available to all as we move into a higher gear, the fifth Dimension. Take advantage of this blessing and raise your vibrations. When you find yourself in this higher state you will want to progress even more. In so doing, ask your spirit guides or guardian angels to help you with the following giving qualities of ascending energy:

·        Give blessings and if someone has hurt you, make yourself peaceful and bless them.

·        Give trust and you will attract trustworthy people.

·        Give acceptance, don’t try to change others, accept people exactly as they are.

·        Give Joy, see the best in everyone and in every situation with contentment.

·        Let go of your lower self and dedicate your journey to a higher purpose.

As you affirm your ascending energy and become more aware of all that you are, you will see that your human embodiment of this energy will lift you up to a more profound level of existence and provide you with a more joyful life. A New You for the New Year 2014!


 Bea Kobran – Holistic Therapist, Intuitive Counselor, Psychic Reader




Phone:561 252 3707

E-mail: Bea@PlanetaryHealings.com

Crystal Energy and Astral-Projection, Certified Reiki Master and Meta physician, Certified Theta-Healing® Practitioner, Certified Relationship Coach, Certified & Licensed Counselor, FL State, Intuitive and Clairvoyant 

Healing LOVE Beliefs



Love & Relationship Coaching

Love & Relationship Coaching


Love dreamers fall in love with the “person of their dreams” all the time.  Such a “person of their dreams” rarely exists.  What happens is that love dreamers project their fantasies, hopes and aspirations for happiness, financial comfort onto someone and see what they want to see.  They live in a denial of reality and is imaginary.  

As a Psychic Healer I’m listening quite often fairy tales of romantic LOVE that needs to be put into perspective.  In our culture there are too many love songs, poetry, movies , stories of the prince saving the princess and they live happily ever after, and other triggers conducting to a fantasy about feelings and emotions. 

In the mist of such fantasies, men are the “machos,” the heroes, the knights in shining armor.  They are supposed to give identity and self-worth to a woman…?

Many men are unable to be linked to the same woman and regularly need to be forgiven for cheating; they are linked or committed to their jobs first.  

Throughout centuries and various cultures, parents and relatives ask their daughter “when are you getting married?  You’re not getting any younger.”  Sons don’t experience the same level of inquiry.  Jokes are made about spinsters who live with cats.  

This all has resulted in many women feeling “unvalued” when they are not married.  I have several women clients who are very smart, capable in the work world, great personalities and the breadwinner.  Yet, they are looking for the “person of their dreams” to give them happiness, an identity and to support them.  My lady clients are so talented and have an identity-what a waste of talent to give up what they worked so to marry the “person of their dreams” so that they can be supported by their husband.   

Love counseling can help you update the old beliefs facing the new times reality.  

Female consciousness requires a painful letting go of long-held beliefs-to feel happiness, contentment and good about themselves. Counseling and Life-coaching I am helping my clients release those fantasies.   





Bea Kobran, Holistic Therapist, Life-Coach

Crystal Energy and Astral-Projection
Certified Reiki Master and Metaphysician
Certified Theta-Healing® Practitioner
Certified Relationship Coach
Certified & Licensed Counselor, FL State
Intuitive and Clairvoyant
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The Healing of Beliefs


The Power of Belief

Beliefs and the Feelings that we have about them, makes our reality

Spiritual Healings are possible only when we are open to them and willing to accept them in order to receive their benefits. That’s where the difference between belief, faith and science comes in place.

Belief is more than what we think, it’s also our acceptance of what we had experienced and witnessed. Belief is what happens to our body and our soul through the Quantum.  Because of the way that everything is evolving so fast, the things of the present will soon be of the past.

Through our beliefs we bring a powerful force into the universe, with the ability to change our lives, bodies and reality.  It’s through the beliefs that we have the strength and drive to change our world, whether we are aware of it, or not. Beliefs effects are based in patterns of energy, the same energy that everything is made off: Quantum.

The location of  beliefs is literally the Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra in addition to pumping the blood of life within our bodies converts the perception of our experiences and imagination (beliefs) into vibrating Quantum waves beyond our body


The Power of Emotions

E-motion, moving energy.

This represents the polarities: Love & Fear; placed in the lowers 3 chakras or vortices of energy.

This is the driving force that sends us beyond the barriers of resistance, trying to achieve our personal dreams, fantasies or goals.

These 2 emotions can derivate in infinite number of feelings or believes:  anger, attraction, compassion, jalousie, peace, violence and many more.


The Power of Thoughts

They represent the polarities: Logic & Communication, placed in the upper 3 chakras or vortices of energy. As our thoughts are important they represent little power by themselves.  A thought without the emotion to fuel is just a thought…no more.


the healing of beliefs

the healing of beliefs

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra

This chakra is the “filter” of Emotions and Thoughts, the more sensitive of the seven chakras because it brings to light the powerful unconsciousness.  As a result beliefs are feeling too; these that your unconscious got during very early childhood; since the moment you were conceived in your mother’s womb until the age of seven years.

Beliefs and the Feelings that we have about them, makes our reality.

For instance if your mother was resentful of having a baby, you will be born resentful by birth with no experience. The actual best examples are:  war, abortion, suicides, gay marriage, terrorism, and all religions.

Mother Earth our Great Healer


Mother Earth our Great Healer

Mother Earth our Great Healer


A hundred years ago, most people lived off the land they were farming. No one had the need for

treadmills, exercise gyms, endless variety of diets and the like to stay in shape.  Everyone got their daily aerobic need at work. 

The farmers, as well the housewife's job, were one daily big exercise program, without need of a personal trainer. Nowadays, we create and recreate plans to spend time outdoors.  Sadly, modern life keeps us removed from

 Mother Earth healing properties

 We let our vitality be choked out of us with our jobs, cars, computers, cell phones, Ipods, televisions, diminishing time spent in nature, unable to imagine life without these devices. 

The present degree of separation between human beings Mother Earth is extraordinary. The chemical that feeds the plants and trees is virtually the same as the chemical that feeds our cells.

The plants inside your home exist like we do, in need of the water which Mother Earth provides. Likewise, we do not exist apart of our natural environment and in this oneness  our healing and nurturing mother is Earth. 

When we lose contact with fresh air, clean water, green earth, and sunshine we become ill.  The lack of nature in our lives brings down our immune system.  Depression, stress, social phobias… all manner of disorders and diseases are waiting for us. 

Do you allow yourself time to notice the elements of nature that are available, such as blue sky, grey clouds, the blossom trees of spring?…when you come into harmony with the natural world  you also come into alignment and healing harmony with yourself.  

Let us not lose sight of the healing properties that Mother Earth provides for us. They are all around us, visually, and even internally when we partake in consuming healing herbs, drinking spring water, and all that the Earth abundantly offers to us. 

Mother Earth Healing properties

Mother Earth Healing properties

mother Earth Healing properties     Your spiritual awakening requires a return to the source, 

allowing Mother Earth to give healing to all with her calm and grounded nurturing soul. Let us go forth and celebrate the Earth and its healing qualities both by partaking in and respecting her fruits.