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Out of Body Experience

  Traveling through time and space is not an easy process to a human being.¬† It can be done by leaving your physical body unmovable and be with astral form or in a spirit form of the body.¬† This phenomenon commonly occurs when we are sleeping and known as out of the body experien

Aquarius Mind Shift

Changes are necessary and constant in the life cycle above and beyond the universe. Switching of ages gave big challenges to people constituted and involved in it. Entering the New Ages revolutionize the human knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge revolution affects the development of the s

Spiritual Healing Modalities

Spiritual Healing Modalities Do you have a disease that has been bothering you and you are tired of taking medicine? If yes then you do not need to worry anymore because I have good information for you. You can get your disease healed without visiting a hospital thorough energy treatm


Have you ever questioned yourself what resonance summoned you here? Does that very resonance have any form of self?  Could it possess your individual birth date or phone number? In whatsoever case, does it even have an identity? The resonance am mentioning here, the resonance that sum

Consciousness Awareness

The wholeness of our consciousness is comprised majorly of three different levels: the subconscious, the super-conscious and the conscious. In essence, consciousness is among the key factors that make us wholly humans and imbues us with the ideal humanity concept instead of aimlessly

Clairaudient – Talk to me, let me speak it out for you!

Clairaudient РTalk to me, let me speak it out for you! Communication…do you really understand the meaning and power of this word? For communication to happen; there has to be two or more entities that are talking through the various ways, then both creating a common understandi

Mindfulness and Healing Arts

Reality of things that we have is not by any way influenced or manipulated by their intentional effectiveness. But on the other hand, it is clear that mindful or mental healing as well as healthy eating is the ultimate treat that brings forth what is expected and desired. Among the th

Healing with Frequencies and Vibrations

Healing with Frequencies and Vibrations¬† ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†I’m sure you have heard the phrase “you get what you give” or what you put out comes back to you.” Are these just two phrases rooted in folkloric jargon or are they backed by metaphysical laws of nature? T

The Healing Power of Chant

  Chant is the singing of words or hums with a rhythm or tune of different sounds, tempo, pitch and loudness or softness that creates a vast experience of unexplained feeling. Hearing a chant or reciting creates a tremendous spiritual feeling similar to the experience of seeing a

Healing Power of Love. 2

You cannot create love Love has to happen; it cannot be created with our logical understanding and decision. That is why; the whole world uses the symbol of love as heart not head. Logical thinking happens in our head, but when the real love happens, we do not know the reason, just fe