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Holistic Healing will bring to you full awareness of what is happening in the present to live with Mindfulness in the NOW.

For Spiritual Awakening, Get Disconnected

  For Spiritual Awakening, Get Disconnected Did you ever feel being overwhelmed by life: obligations, payments, projects, and meetings, phone calls, emails so that you feel more like a biological robot than an individual?  If a thought of your life being controlled by the Matrix crawl

Spiritual Awareness for the Gut-Brain relationship

Spiritual Awareness for the Gut-Brain relationship Many of my clients don’t understand what “spiritual healing” is. Some think I’m a wizard, others that I have “unknown powers.” None of this is true. The only “special” talent that I have is the ability to see what most don’t and this

Aura Energy Fields

Aura Energy Fields are a clear reflection of our attitudes – moods – habits – actions and views depend on the kind of energy fields that circulates around our body.  One can judge whether this energy flow is in balance or not by examining a colored energy sphere or h

Intuitive Reading

What is intuitive reading? Well, intuitive readings do vary especially between the person giving the reading and the one having the reading- Nevertheless- it is all about reading extrasensory energies by a professional. It is worth noting that, every person has intuitive reading capab

Tarot Reading

As I said earlier, Tarot is one of the tools I use.  Each of 78 Tarot cards relates to one number, one letter, and some object.  For example the sun or the moon. Each has a meaning and a relation to the energy around us and our values.  I use Tarots to answer your question.  However,

Spiritual Energy Detachment

We need to detach and remove negative spiritual entities, or demons. The first step is to spiritual energy detachment. Many times an emotional contact contact with a family member, create an attachment point. A cord of energy or chakra that goes from your energy field to theirs and yo

Mindfulness and Healing Arts

Body and mind are two parts of a whole.   Weakening one part of that whole has its detrimental consequences on another one.  A body trauma induces sufferings in the mind and, vise versa, a trauma inflicted on the mind (emotional trauma) causes problems in a body.  Nowadays, stress is

Spiritual Healing in times of crisis

During crisis times, one of the major effects that those directly involved as well as those indirectly involved in trauma. With the many crises, especially now in the world; from the terror caused by Isis , the exodus  in Siria, trauma and other crisis related effects are a major issu


Fears is an emotion that changes the behavior of a certain individual.  A normal behavior that dictates by our intuition to avoid the danger that might come along.   There are certain levels of fears that we must learn in our lives.  This level is based on the experiences once person
meditation for students

Meditation Benefits for Students

Meditation in schools is no longer a new concept. With the benefits of meditation widely acknowledged by educators, the art has been incorporated in educational institutions and students have a session of meditation on a daily basis. Education and the learning process is a hefty event