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Clairvoyance “Clairvoyance is the ability to communicate with dead people – to predict future events – or to know about things that you did not actually see happen or hear about”.     From Merriam Webster dictionary.  CLAIRVOYANCE – I SEE WHAT OTHERS DON&

Michael G. Testimonial Part 3

Prerequisites for a treatment It’s hard to say exactly whether I believed this would help.  My attitude was more of a “let’s do it since the opportunity presented itself.”  If I were to have a chance to be seen by the best medical doctors they might have treated me.  Yet, what I had t

Michael G. Testimonial Part 1

My original attitude towards occult belief I’d say, that when it comes to occult stuff, I was rather pessimistic, an agnostic so to speak.  This means that day to day I didn’t believe in it, and even crack jokes at the opportune moments, but once in awhile, I came across some weird ap

Spirit Guides

Another one of my abilities is to communicate with spirit guides.  I feel that I am surrounded by a few them.  I perceive their voices since I was a child and was listening to them thinking that this was a very common thing, like hearing, vision or a sense of touch.  I think everybody

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense Do you believe in sixth sense? Observing a baby can give you a hint that there is an extraordinary things happening around us. Isn’t it strange a baby is laughing without someone is playing with them while their mother is busy doing the chores? Or, why they are suddenl

Healing Thoughts

     Can You Stop Thinking… How do you Recycle your Thoughts? Part 3  Inevitably what Troubles you Mentally and Emotionally manifests itself Physically  Healing Thoughts  will improve your physical and emotional body  Incontinence – Years of controlling the emotions with o

Changing Beliefs

Changing your beliefs play a major part in your health and well-being For a belief to have an impact in your life, you have to repeat it to yourself over and over again. Beliefs seem like they are second nature – but they are only thoughts – that can be very problematic wh