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A Mindful Life for Spiritual Development

A Mindful Life for Spiritual Development How do you manage spiritual growth? Not many people nowadays concern themselves with it even if they aware of its value. Yet, they should.  it’s time to assume that we need A Mindful Life for Spiritual Development. The spirit is the cente

Aura colors change when you’re in love

Aura colors change when you’re in Love Literally, the colors of the aura change when you’re in love!.  The heart is the core of human mechanism where blood is pumped into it and provides impact for the proper blood circulation.  This blood circulation creates impacts to th

Mindfulness at Workplace

Mindfulness at workplace Mindfulness at work place can be defined as being moment-to-moment aware of the surrounding professional environment. Being aware is simply being in touch with yourself, your thoughts, and your surroundings and reacting to them in a way as you would do were yo

Aquarius Mind Shift

Aquarius Mind Shift Changes are necessary and constant in the life cycle above and beyond the universe. Switching of ages gave big challenges to people constituted and involved in it. Entering the New Ages revolutionize the human knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge revolution affects the

Energy Healing Modalities

Energy Healing Modalities Do you have a disease that has been bothering you and you are tired of taking medicine? If yes then you do not need to worry anymore because I have good information for you. You can get your disease healed without visiting a hospital thorough energy treatment


Have you ever questioned yourself what resonance summoned you here? Does that very resonance have any form of self?  Could it possess your individual birth date or phone number? In whatsoever case, does it even have an identity? The resonance am mentioning here, the resonance that sum

Forgiveness-Relationship Healing

Forgiveness Relationship Healing Letting go of our past resentments is one of the hardest experience one can ever experience. Regardless of how hard it may be – a process known as forgiveness works tremendously towards freedom from the past. Understand that letting go does not n

Silence Power

Within every human being lies a silence nature that is usually underneath as well as beyond the obvious noise in the mind. It is indeed true that all communication is born out of silence and leads back to the same silence it sprung from in the start. It is also correct that when the m

Spirituality Western Approach

Spirituality Western Approach It is common to hear the word “dual” and “nondual” in spiritual circles. These words are broad in essence, because of its multi-reference point and can only be clearly defined within the context that it is used. Dualism is the obse

Frequencies and Vibrations

Frequencies and Vibrations   One wave of vibration is a wave in a second and the number of vibrations per second is the frequency. The law of vibration shows that everything vibrates, everything is energy. The word vibration comes from the Greek “energas” which means what