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Astral Projection-OBE

ASTRAL PROJECTION-OBE Various cultures and religions for centuries mention about this phenomenon.  It is referred to as astral projection or “out of body” experience – OBE. It is a state of a mind when a spirit detaches from a body and can flows through the space and time. Tips

Psychic Abilities You Have

PSYCHIC ABILITIES YOU HAVE Amazing Psychic Abilities You Have Many people have an impression that psychic abilities is something from Harry Potter fairy tale.  In reality they are just as common as any other abilities.  In fact, those people who have them might not even know about the

Spiritual Awakening

 Spiritual Awakening Spiritual Awakening requirement is to get disconnected! Did you ever feel being overwhelmed by life: obligations, payments, projects, and meetings, phone calls, emails so that you feel more like a biological robot than an individual?  If a thought of your life bei

Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Reading What is intuitive reading? Well, intuitive readings do vary especially between the person giving the reading and the one having the reading- Nevertheless- it is all about reading extrasensory energies by a professional. An intuitive reading varies determined by the p

Psychic social stigma

Skeptics – The Social Stigma Psychics and Healers have being historically rejected by religions and media- Till nowadays no one wants to admit that help could come from a spiritual healer- let alone a psychic. Several years ago a young man wanted to know if his mom would be rele

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense Do you believe in sixth sense? Observing a baby can give you a hint that there is an extraordinary things happening around us. Isn’t it strange a baby is laughing without someone is playing with them while their mother is busy doing the chores? Or, why they are suddenl

Perception is Speechless

Perception is Speechless Have you ever experienced an event that you already know it happen before, or simply called it as “déjà vue”?   The future can be seen but not all can understand.   Seeing the future is not an ordinary event or an exercise that we, as an ordinary person can pr

Mindful Meditation

  Life in itself is hard enough. With everyday challenges, you will more often find yourself broken down, agitated, and irritated. If you are in the office, then the office related challenges especially pressure from your bosses will obviously push you to your limits, leading to

Energy Healing in Crisis Time

During crisis times, one of the major effects that those directly involved as well as those indirectly involved in trauma. With the many crises, especially now in the world; from the terror caused by Isis and the massive invasion of immigrants, trauma and other crisis related effects

Psychic Scam

Psychic Scam Literally, people often think that the psychic is terrible due to negative experience they encountered and heard about. And there are some individuals, who is faking or claiming psychics that adding awful reputation such as psychic reading that turns to wrong predictions.