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Out of Body Experience

Out of Body Experience Traveling through time and space is not an easy process to a human being.  It can be done by leaving your physical body unmovable and be with astral form or in a spirit form of the body.  This phenomenon commonly occurs when we are sleeping and known as out of t

Aquarius Mind Shift

Aquarius Mind Shift Changes are necessary and constant in the life cycle above and beyond the universe. Switching of ages gave big challenges to people constituted and involved in it. Entering the New Ages revolutionize the human knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge revolution affects the

New Consciousness

Since the 1970s when the concept of new consciousness began, it has grown through the years and it is expected that this concept with will more pronounced, more adopted, and more practiced. The new age ideology has been growing each year and as we head into 2015, the new age is expect

Money Spiritual Asset

Money is a medium in trade industries; it is the form of payment in exchange for any products, services and/or debts.  It belongs to necessity for every human for their livings.  It is their protection against suffering, poverty and death. When we observe the literal form of money, it

Planetary Spiritual Crisis

It is a cause for worry that almost every part of the world today is experiencing wars or a political crisis. It is also frightening that currently, the world is witnessing some of the highly intensive crisis which includes civil wars for the case of Syria to ideologically oriented cr

Beyond Realm Hope

Beyond Realm is Hope There are some things that go beyond the world of beings that we are in. It involves the spirits that go beyond the life lived to that to be lived in future. It is neither our consciousness nor our knowledge but it leads on to eternal life. This eternal life has b

Healing or Dying from a Belief

Belief is a state of mind that accepts something to be true and reliable even without proof.  This belief can be philosophical, ideological, religious or combination. Maybe we are not aware that belief-system is part of our daily life; we always apply it every day that can be benefici

Consciousness Awareness

The wholeness of our consciousness is comprised majorly of three different levels: the subconscious, the super-conscious and the conscious. In essence, consciousness is among the key factors that make us wholly humans and imbues us with the ideal humanity concept instead of aimlessly

Love Healing Power

Love Healing Power You cannot create love Love has to happen; it cannot be created with our logical understanding and decision. That is why; the whole world uses the symbol of love as heart not head. Logical thinking happens in our head, but when the real love happens, we do not know

Spirit Guides Writing

Helpful inspirational writing will empower the process of being united with our spirit guides, associates, instructors, or even speak with the loved ones who have recently passed on. This methodology is alluded to as diverting. We permit data of particular people to come to us and thr