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Ascending Energy

Ascending Energy Ascension means raising your vibrations to a higher frequency. As the planet ascends to a higher vibration, all the inhabitants of Mother Earth: plants, trees, animals and humans are exposed to a New Consciousness. The waves of Ascension are taking place NOW, more tha

The Fifth Dimension

   Fifth Dimension and You! Time has come for all of us to awaken; it is the moment to reach a Higher Vibration; the 5th. Dimension. This higher vibration is intangible and invisible, therefore, is located in our mind. The pineal and pituitary glands enable us to vibrate in highe

Balancing Chakras Energy

We have 7 major chakras that are energy centers located within our spiritual bodies. They are portals for the universal life force that moves our being. Various events, especially those of a traumatic nature, can cause blockage to our chakras. This can have an adverse effect on us. Ev

Intuition is Non Linear Thinking

Intuition is Non Linear Thinking  Modern souls are today day-dreamers because they live in a brand new dimension, the Fifth.Dimension. price for clomid Born with a New Consciousness, they think in a Non Linear way, meaning they thinking is non-sequential, random and full of complexity

Emotions versus Motivation

EMOTIONS versus MOTIVATION Emotions represent drive states; they fuel our actions producing motivation.  E-motion in other words energy to produce motion. Having the root syllable “mot” the same as motivation, motor and more; by consequence emotions are all about motion. Emotions and