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“Clairvoyance is the ability to communicate with dead people – to predict future events – or to know about things that you did not actually see happen or hear about”.     From Merriam Webster dictionary. 

CLAIRVOYANCE – I SEE WHAT OTHERS DON’T SEE                                       

Being clairvoyant I see what others don’t see. Today I am going to tell you more about colors and how relevant they are to your life. Color is a magnificent oscillation of energy, or simply put, it happens to be a manifestation of frequency.

Red is quite a unique color. It vibrates a slower rate compared to the violets and blues. Every time I look at your aura what I see are color patterns. In most cases I will narrow down to your major spirit color that determines your lifetime being. Thereafter I will stretch into your other colors that display patterns. Many at times I don’t base on a person’s colors to rate them as to whether they are less or more highly evolved. This is because in every person’s aura, their lifetime path is shown primarily by their Spirit color. The Spirit color doesn’t show the person’s overall spiritual evolution. For example, one person may have yellow as their Spirit color and be much aware of it while another person of the same may totally be spiritually unaware of it. As a matter of advice, the color categorization below doesn’t mean that one person is more evolved than the other. Every one of us has a gift of a unique nature with whichever color we have.

In my experience as a clairvoyant, variations of blues and yellows are the Spirit colors that I often see. I have had the chance to see lavender, green, orange, indigo (purplish blue), purple and tan. Red has been hard to come by. My belief as to why I don’t seem to see the red Spirit colored people that easily are because they don’t seem to have a passion in getting readings. Tan too is not an often color in my sessions. There is a high probability that the reds don’t value insight that much. They would rather go for the physical expression. The tans relate to the reds closely. They too don’t see the value in spiritual insight. They tend to be too pragmatic. People with the gold and green Spirit colors are perhaps a lot that find much value in spiritual matters. The only issue about them is that they tend to keep to themselves often. The other very spiritual persons are those with the orange Spiritual colors. On their part however, they pay too much attention to adventures such that they have little or no time for insight.

Secondary Spirit colors add more but different taste to a person’s aura. Purple halos around the head mean that the person has high spiritual guidance and spiritual thinking. Closely related to this is the lavender. However, people with this color tend to have a lighter mood and have some sought of connection to mischief, light humor and fairies. A spiritual inspiration is represented by a white area. However, if interspersed across the aura, then the person tends to their body a lot. Lack of energy or attention is represented by black. Green is the color of the heart, when this color irradiates, I know immediately that this person has empathy and compassion, the blue represents communication skills, therefore that the person makes friends with others hanging out within their aura.

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