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DNA Consciousness Reprogramming


DNA consciousness reprogramming

DNA consciousness reprogramming

A very new way of healing is coming to practice. Only 5% to 10% of the population got the skills, this requires a greater intuitive ability. This involves DNA consciousness reprogramming to replace old beliefs.

Over the last hundred years, we have been lead to believe, with linear thinking, that you are healthy because of your genes or sick because of bad genes.

Reality will always validate our beliefs, in which case, whatever we choose to believe the universe will put on an action. On other words if I believe that I’m not sick the universe will validate my belief, therefore, I won’t be sick.

Our DNA is affected by the consciousness of the Western culture and the environment. We must recycle our thoughts to be healthy.

The genes will switch on and off to adapt to our emotions. If we live in constant states of fear, depression, anger… and more our DNA will answer back with genes that will get us sick. Our body will always respond to irrational states of consciousness, state of mind or Quantum state of consciousness.

Our body does not operate only by the physical and biological components, but it operates by the quantum field of consciousness

DNA Consciousness Reprogramming

Every cell in this Universe has a consciousness that resonates in a different vibration. Ultimately the whole physical body is only consciousness or energy. Energy is harmonious or inharmonious – Ease or DisEase.

An example of this:

A mother breastfeeding her baby in Syria nowadays will transfer the energy of chaos and fear to her child, consequently, that baby will grow up to be fearful and create his own disease; unless he will clear his ancestors cellular memory.

We must create EASE within our thoughts, they will lead to healthy emotions, and then our body will do what does best: “run its own show” and be healthy.

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