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Energy Attachments

energy attachments

energy attachments

What are energy attachments? Well, to best illustrate attachments, one should think of links, bonds between items. As a human being- one has spiritual energy attachments – a form of energy that originates and can be sourced from within. Due to this energy – a person will attract other forms which can be positive or negative – bodily or spiritual. For instance, a human can and will attract spirits, which can be demons and evils spirits. Apart from these spiritual attachments, one will attract fellow human due to the forms of energy they posses. Once these new forms of energy are attached to an individual, the resulting effects do vary widely, based on the nature of the attached energy.

Some energy will influence ones thoughts, others will cause addition, others will alter ones emotions for example, anger outbursts, etc. how does energy attachments cause a change in an individual? Well, it’s pretty much simple. For spiritual attachments, this is purely spirit based and the person might not even understand what’s going on. In most cases, those around him/her might also simply ignore the change by saying, “so and so as changed nowadays”. This is common when the change can be easily attributed to a lifestyle-based change. Spiritual attachments can be quite a challenge and it might take long before they are detected.

On the other hand, you might have heard some statement that goes like “so and so has changed you.” This is common for parents to their children especially when a child’s behavior is changing for the worse. The result of this is parents will try to cut the friendship, by branding it band influence. But how is this possible? The friends we have and the environments we spend most of our day time will greatly influence our behaviors. Those around us are a form of energy and it can be either positive or negative. For an individual to cause and influence in our lives, they have to challenge us through their lifestyle – which is the most powerful, though spoken words, or through direct actions.

One of the most common and powerful forms of energy attachment is through love. When two people fall in love, and especially a man and a woman, the two will influence each other’s way of life through determining their thoughts, their actions, their believes, and in general their way of life. You might have realized that, for couples who have lived together for a considerable period of time, they will act or react to situations in the same way. This is through influencing each other way of thought. This will happen due to continued thinking of the other person as a result of having them in your energy circle.

With mindful awareness, brought to you by a intuitive healer, the spiritual energy attachment will be released, harnessing freedom and peace of mind.

spiritual energy attachments

spiritual energy attachments



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