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Energy Detachment

Energy Detachment

energy detachment

energy detachment

Energy detachment is necessary to remove negative spiritual entities, or demons. The first step is to spiritual energy detachment. Many times an emotional contact contact with a family member, create an attachment point. A cord of energy or chakra that goes from your energy field to theirs and you are maintaining energy exchange with them – not always a desirable.

As the air fills with the sweet perfumes of spring flowers blooming, also our thoughts by nature turn to let go of the old attachments. We immediately begin by throwing away mess, pack up the clothes no longer useful and even give our homes a much-needed scrub. While captured and swayed away with such intensity in cleaning, it is sometimes easier to forget that even our own bodies and spirits stand in deep need of a thorough clean up as well.

The most effective and powerful way of cleansing the body, spirit and mind is in practicing energy detachment.  This will help you get rid of the forms of thoughts that have taken a deep hold of your body in form of pessimistic energetic blueprints. Most of these energy attachments arise from various circumstances. In other cases, they could be because of traumatic events such as being divorced, sexually assaulted, or even the demise of a loved one.

Energy attachments don’t relate only to experiences of this lifetime- but also to past lives. With the help of an intuitive healer the trauma that is underlying will be visible and therefore can be removed. Ancestors memory is brought to us like an energy attachment with many complicated negative fears, traumas or demons.

energy detachment

energy detachment

Humans we have a brain that works similarly to a computer that contains a hard drive, which holds too many software beliefs in storage.  In order to make it perform properly, we must clean it and removed some unwanted things stored in it. So we can install, download and store the right programming with new and useful things for the future. Reprogramming of beliefs is required to achieve DNA reprogramming of consciousness.

To be more particular, when we detach ourselves from unnecessary energy attachments that we have comfortably settled in our minds and bodies-often time for years- only, then are we able to experience the new energetic space that our hearts desired mostly.

Are you struggling with energy attachments that are painful or scary?  Come to have a consultation with a professional psychic healer, an accurate reading will get you back the confidence you deserve to move forward.

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