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Energy Healing Modalities

Energy Healing Modalities

energy healing modalities

energy healing modalities

Our World needs a change for a better.  Despite great scientific and technical advancement and achievements in human rights area the Piscean era is left the planet in turmoil: financial crises, economic instability, poverty, hunger, terrorism.  Even the Western democracies are drowning in debts, the middle class is diminishing, a government program is struggling to accommodate the huge wave of immigration from poor countries.

Despite great achievements of the modern medicine, millions of people are dying from heart diseases, cancer, and aids.  The source of many diseases is still considered idiopathic.  The further we move into a future the more cost of medicine and pharmaceutical products skyrocket.  If we continue going the same direction and in the same pace all the advancement of the modern medicine could be only available to the rich .01% of a population.  Never mind poor countries where even today a disease like malaria takes millions of lives simply because of poor sanitation.

It becomes more and more clear that our technocratic civilization is doomed without a spiritual renaissance.  Luckily, the new era of Aquarius is going to bring forward such renaissance.  But it won’t come easy during the transition.  Our children, most likely, would have much lesser access to the modern medicine and would have to devise methods of health maintenance.  This would be possible by developing and utilizing the methods of spiritual healing.

Energy Healing Modalities

Even today these methods provide treatment of many ailments that the modern medicine not always capable of handling.  Many of diseases could be treated without visiting a hospital thorough energy treatment avoiding the negative side effects of chemically developed pills.

Energy treatment utilizes the spiritual healing rather than physical healing. Spiritual healing is the deep transformation that undergo on seven levels of your aura.  By placing a healer’s hands on your body, she redirects the flow of soft cosmic energy through the palms of her hands to your body. It’s up to an individual healer how exactly the healing session occurs. She may touch your body or simply allow the energy to flow without manual involvement.

Energy healing with multiple type of modalities, is very helpful in cases of emotional trauma, or emotional and psychological tension and stress. Spiritual healing and spiritualism orients us on a path of discovery towards a more understanding of ourselves, life, in general, and the relationship with our souls. The soul, body and mind – all are integrated this comprehensive healing method.  Spiritual healing is non-denominational hence it works well for all patients who have strong religious beliefs. There are different healing modalities that are provided by various healing ministries. It is upon you to identify the right one for you depending on what you are suffering from. There are various approaches of modalities that include energy, holistic, non-invasive and energy based.

Energy Healing Modalities include:

Allergy Antidotes is a collection of non-medical, clinically effective energy based approach to energy toxic reactions – is user-friendly and uses muscle testing to measure how effective the outcome is.

Divining health is an approach that is used to identify energy disturbances which cause emotional problems. It uses dosing modes and muscle testing to check energy.

Acupuncture and Acupressure is an ancient Chinese medicine that is based on the concept of life energy which flows through “meridians” in the body. In treatment, physical pressure is applied to special points with the aim of clearing blockages in these meridians.

Healing touch is a form of energy healing that helps to restore and balance energy that has been depleted due to physical or emotional trauma. It works with the body’s energy field and chakras.

Reflexology is the practitioner’s application of specific pressure by hand, fingers, and thumb to a reflex map located on a heel of your foot, resembling a human body.

Therapeutic Touch – involves the use of the practitioner’s hands to balance the body’s energy centers and energy field. It is practiced in and out of the hospital by holistic nurses.

Reiki is uses hands to reduce stress and infuse universal spiritual life energy for improved health and enhanced quality of life.

Theta Healing is a meditational practice that sends light-energy, can be done remotely or in person. Ensure the healing ministries which are using these different modalities are licensed by the relevant authority before seeking spiritual healing from them.

Crystal Healing is a technique that employs stones and crystals for healing.

Massage Therapy – is a treatment of multiple physical disorders by means of physical manipulation on muscles.

In the near future humanity will discover a new spiritual healing modality.

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