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Energy Healing Against Processed Food


energy healing and processed food

energy healing and processed food

You may ask yourself “what does food has to do with our spiritual life”? Well to tell you the truth, a lot!

The food you eat endows your AURA.  Thus … you are what you eat.

Food brings nutrients to your bloodstream and consequently activates your neurotransmitters; that is it makes you who you are.

Why is Energy Healing against processed foods?

In the last thirty years, we live in the era of convenience, fast food and no more “mom-cooking” – everything we eat is processed. GMA replaced the Mother Nature as our nurturer.  The chemical and biological composition of food changed, and since we are what we eat, the humans that eat the GMO process food, change too. Apart from losing the nutritional value, processed food loses also its properties, taste, flavor, and color.  All of them today are artificially manipulated in a laboratory, making it taste delicious and look great but not healthy or energetic.  Color and flavor enhancers – additives -preservatives – and hormones are none else but a slow poison for us- the humans.

The consequences of eating the GMO process food are evident: obesity, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, OCD, Anxiety, Depression and many learning disabilities and mental illnesses.  The consumer health was never a consideration for food production industry.  The only purpose of it is to make more money.

Are you craving chocolates, Ice cream, cookies and other sweetened goodies? The reason is simple; you are addicted to white processed sugar. By consequence your physical body as well your energy body are in need of cleansing.  Are you craving spaghetti and meatballs with tomato sauce, French fries with ketchup?  You are addicted to sodium and color enhanced meals.  Are you craving … YES, addiction is the name of the craving. …Energy Healing is the only way to protect your temple or physical body.

The more food is processed – the more nutrient depleted and chemically altered it becomes – affecting our subtle body. Most of the times nowadays, we don’t eat because of hunger, but because of a temptation – anxiety. As a result we contaminate our aura or energy field with negative vibs.

Color and flavor enhancers, additives, preservatives, hormones and other poisons that we as “human species” are not designed to digest, contaminate not only our physical body but also the energy body or AURA that surrounds our physical body.

Energy Healing is required to clear your aura from the negative nutrients of processed food.

The latest investigations of the brain functioning brought light to the fact that our neurotransmitters are subject to deficiencies when we consume the wrong food.  Our bodies get contaminated, which adversely affects immune system thus making us susceptible to ADD, ADHD, Bipolar disorder, OCD, Anxiety, Depression, Alzheimer, plus many other dysfunctions and ailments, learning disabilities and mental disorders.

As a natural healer, I meet people looking for answers to ailments those that the medical field can’t diagnose on a daily basis; as well people overweight with no hope for feeling and looking better.  When eventually diagnosed, the treatment is advised as psychotropic medications that work is by altering the balance of certain chemicals in your brain and causes heavy side-effects.

Therefore, in my subsequent newsletters, I decided to send you the information about spiritual wellness, the best way to provide nutrients to your spiritual body, which coincidentally will improve the functioning of your physical body as well.



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