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Girma A. Testimonial Part 5




Today, the planner that I was, the guy who always was obsessed and anticipated all the risks, is not here anymore. Often times I even have to remind myself “Did you do this or that?” I’ve become more carefree and happy as an oppose to before, when I had to overprotect, over compensate, over-anticipate, over organize. When you feel threatened from within, because of depression or anxiety, the threat reverberates to every facet of your existence. You try to have an outside insurance, which is money. The overabundance of insurance, financial planning, assets, other investments none of which, of course, solve the real problem. But when the problem of depression or anxiety is resolved, you the need to control the outside world goes away. Thus, you have more energy and you begin to relax and to have pleasure in your life.

I feel I am there now. I can get up in the morning and not see any problems in my life and think “what do I feel like doing today?” Also, before I was always petrified about business, about making money and it was never enough. Now I enjoy live too much. If anything, I forget about the tasks that I should be doing, or I disregard doing them if I don’t feel like it. I might just feel like going to the beach, or reading, or having a drink in the middle of the day. Sure I still attempt to make money. However, whether I make a lot of money or a little it doesn’t make such a dramatic impact on me. Money stopped being the driving force. That made a huge difference.

Patient Responsibility

Unfortunately, expectations of many people are quite unreasonable. They expect to show up and right away to be healed. It also could happen, but the instant cure is rare. As far as I am concerned I’d be suspicious of the instantaneous healing promise. If a doctor treats you from a chronic problem you have to take a pill every day to the rest of your life. Yet when it comes to a spiritual treatment people expect immediate results. I am the type of a person who wants to be engaged and be thoroughgoing because I don’t want to entertain the idea that this issue is coming back. If I am sensing that something is working, then I am going to continue supporting the process until the change is irreversible. People have to understand that their problem has happened a long time ago and since then it was compounded by many different stressful circumstances.

Also, remember that lots of work also has to be done by a patient. First and foremost is the patient has to come to the treatment with the open mind, with the belief that the alternative approach will help. Applying another analogy, in order to log in to the Internet site you have to first the ability to connect to it. Without that ability, the knowledge of login credentials wouldn’t help. First a patient would have to open the channel, to allow her to connect to the source. Once the connection is open a healer would only have to provide the login and password for treatment to begin. However, as far as the patient is concerned- she or he must always work on maintaining that channel open. I did it with meditation- prayer- contemplation and starting to practice visualization of the law of attraction, and most people can do that too. This is their part of the bargain.

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