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Girma A. Testimonial Part3

astral bosy

astral body

How the treatment was progressing

Astral Body

I talked to many other psychics and was turned off because you immediately realize that you are given a sales pitch. In fact, they usually were telling me that I had a problem before finding out what the problem was. It’s important to develop that rapport rather than jump in and do it right away. I didn’t get that feeling from Bea. It wasn’t like “I know what your problem is, let me solve it now.” It took her a while to listen to my story and comprehend my problem before she offered me an attempt at healing. Her response has always been “With my Astral body- I am listening to you- I understand- I know what you are going through.”

Bea is a very soft spoken person. It’s almost so subtle that it’s hard to tell what exactly is saying. Also the fact that she is very compassionate really helps. She could understand without going through many details. Somehow, intuitively she gets there and then she starts working on it while I am doing meditation, or she work during the night time while I slept.

So I was fortunate enough with Bea that she had a consistency. She always asked, “How do you feel today? How did you sleep? What happen yesterday?” The healing process started with my realization that my emotional state is understood. Bea empathically related to what was going on inside me and, eventually, was able to access my inner world. Thus, before starting the treatment, she gathered much information about me and only then she was able to say, “Ok I’ll be able to help him.”

At the beginning, I quite frankly, couldn’t believe that cure was possible. I felt so terrible.

A big part of Bea’s treatment was that she brought about assurance in a possibility of a cure. She reassured me when I had no confidence that better times are possible and are ahead. She told me that she wanted to work with me and thus she was able to enter my astral body.

The way I understand Astral body is that it’s where all your information is logged, your low-level programming is written, your operating system dwells. Thus, I felt reassured that, at least, she is going to the right direction where the corruption of my data was and, therefore, she could be effective. If she’d start at the physical level, she wouldn’t be able to change my programming. This way, though, she was gradually removing the stored information, on the very deep level, on my inner conscious level.

Speaking about Bea’s consistency level, it took years for your information to get corrupted and tangled. So, the task that she is undertaking is not something that could be done one time and everything would be ok. It’s a tedious work, reminding the work of an archeologist or an art conservationist.

For me, though, she was consistently there. For example, I am feeling terrible today, my mood has changed and I call her. She would say that compared to six months ago, you are feeling much better and you will feel much better in the future if we will continue to work. She would work on me even if I am not physically here. (Click here if you would like to know how this is possible.)

Did I believe in the beginning that Bea would help me? Of course, not. It’s when you start going through the times when things start feeling normal, feeling different from my usual depresses self that I felt that the progress has been made.

Gradually I started seeing the results of her treatment, experiencing little pleasures of life again, and feeling like I am a kid that I never have been in my orphan childhood. I started to enjoy food, walks, ocean, riding my bike. In effect, this was what life is all about. I went to the ocean. Bea encouraged me to do this as this was the part of the process. She said that I was helping myself to heal from inside as swimming in the ocean helps one to cleanse oneself metaphysically.

So she put a lot of intensive time and energy into the treatments and into helping me gain confidence in healing that she was bringing about into my life. Most of us tend to believe the worst and I didn’t start believing that the change has taken place until I started having consistency in my life. Now I get up in the morning and enjoying myself. I am listening to the music first thing in the morning, looking forward to my coffee, life has become normal and wonderful.


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