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Healing begins Within

Healing Begins Within

healing begins within

healing begins within

Healing Begins Within

Wrong lifestyles, evil doings, false belief and more negative actions and views may be the result of stressful and imbalance energy that flows all throughout our body.  This may be acquired through the food and drinks we intake and through the frequencies of energies surrounds us. Why did I say “foods and drinks” we usually intake may affect us? It is because, nowadays, most of the food available in stores are already processed.  Some may look like fresh, but we are unaware that it has preservatives and chemicals to maintain their good appearance for a long time.   Those kinds of foods may contaminate the vitamins and minerals that are distributed all over the body to create energy that our body needs. Contaminated vitamins and minerals will be equivalent to the contaminated energy within our bloods that resulting in toxins that creates blockages of nerves everywhere veins.

When we say that healing begins within, its important to realize the blockage or functionality of the brain, so it may lead to stress, anxiety, clutters and more negative behaviors, thoughts, views and actions. How about the “frequencies of energies that surrounds us”, how it affects us? From my previous writings, I already explained the influence of spirits around us and the inner being within us who guide and manipulates us in decision makings.

The nature, the cosmos and the spirits possess energies that may mingles to our own energy.  If we have weak energy and the surrounding energy is negative, the possibility is high of corruption and destruction.  The energy will  become full blown negative and your inner being will become the victim of being a prisoner.  The outcome is worst and noticeable with the actions, views and behaviors when interacting with others.  The presence of fear, nervousness, impatience and hardship are can be observed to a person who are victimized by spiritual energy contamination.

When we realize how horrible our life from the past and wanting changes, we must act and have double time to make it possible.  We do not need to look at from the past and stuck ourselves thinking about it anymore.  Our action must be in the future and be more positive. To start with healing within you, do some meditation, yoga and reiki for easy and affordable methods for cleansing and enlightenment.  Gardening will creates harmony with your energy and the nature, the fruits of your hard working will also give you a clean and detoxify your body too.  Doing a cleansing will help you flush out the toxin inside your body, it will also release your intuition from being a prisoner of negative energy.

Your inner being will give you a better advice for the future journey. If you think your methods are still not enough, you can seek advice from us, so we can guide you more in changing some negative aspects in your life.

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