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Karma Healing Meditation

Why can’t my brain just take a break?  My mind is constantly going.  I am having anxiety attacks – increasing in frequency.  I feel so overwhelmed, drained, empty, dried to a crisp.  So much to do!

                                                            Why so many people expecting things of me?  I want to cry out of exasperation and frustration.  I want to give up and run away”…

karma healing meditation

karma healing meditation

The world is moving so fast.  Information bombards us the second or minute it occurs.  Youtube, Twitter, Texting, Skyping, Emails, Voice mails, Cell phones, Faxes.  Many of us are so stressed; we cannot relax, sit still or just clear our minds for 5 minutes each day.  Some of us even when listening to tapes to relax and relieve stress cannot clear our minds and think about nothing.

Why so many are not able to meditate or sleep well or slow their mind or relax?  Because they are fearful of stepping away from the stress, the noise and the “control awareness.”

 Is “control awareness” a new KARMA?

 Are we the “control freak generation?

 Are we governed by a materialistic culture or by extrinsic influences?

 We must move beyond the self-limiting patterns of our mind, to align with the higher power of the universe and to let go of our EGO. We need to take action by looking inside of ourselves, this action is: MEDITATION.

karma healing meditation

karma healing meditation

There are many meditation, yoga classes and tapes available.  Ask around.  Look at what courses are being offered at your local community college and advertisements in your local newspaper.  Don’t commit to signing up for several months or a year.  Sign up for 2 or 3 and see if you are getting a benefit from it.  If yes, stay in the course.  If no, move on to another course or another instructor.

When you can relax and be at peace with yourself,   with an altered state of consciousness or without… everything else falls into place and what becomes clear is that many things/events that used to stress us out really are of such little significance.



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