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Kundalini Energy

kundalini energy

kundalini energy

How can I help a person who came to visit me?

I work with astral projections and with the three bodies that surround a person, physical, emotional and spiritual or astral. Simply put, the astral body is the informational component of your personality – the place where all your feelings, thoughts, and aspirations dwell. Astral projection is the state of consciousness allowing an experienced healer get out of her own body and visit your astral body. I do it using special meditation techniques. Before undertaking this travel, I need your permission. Once I am inside your astral body, I have to make something that is called chakra balancing, which is balancing client’s energies. Health problems manifest themselves in human aura by the lack of a certain color and by a chaotic assemblage of remaining colors. During meditation I attempt to repaint this picture, to fill the missing colors and to arrange them in a natural healthy formation. When I paint the colors I move spirally from the bottom to the crown. This way I’m busting the KUNDALINI energy.

This usually takes 40 to 50 minutes. After I feel that their energies are balanced, I go to the place where a person experiencing the problem like a feeling of anxiety or fear. Visibly this place is of a turbid light gray color in your aura.

I will tell you exactly when I start and when I finish and will ask you not to wear anything dark. In three sessions I can sweep away your anxiety and get rid of your fears or can help with the chronic disease such a depression. Of course, every case is different.

Kundalini Energy

Kundalini came to us from the ancient Indian medicine. It is seen as the Light awakening or enlightenment.  This energy is situated in the base of the spine and starts flowing up through the body opening each chakra as it ascends, until the “Shakti” merges with “Shiva” or male energy. The Shiva and the Shakti are spiritual essences that merge creating balance energy which results to be the Kundalini.

Usually – all people carry blockages from this life or past lives – and from the memory in our genes – brought by ancestors in our DNA – As Kundalini energy reaches each chakra and opens the “lotus” or flower within – and then starts communicating with the next chakra – these energies start flowing gradually – unclogging the blockages.




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How can I help a person who came to visit?

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