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Meditation is not Mindfulness

Meditation is not Mindfulness

Meditation is not Mindfulness

Meditation is not Mindfulness

Healthy mind and healthy body are the focused since the very beginning of human existence. But little they know, those components are originated from the unseen. This unseen thing provides human the energy, wisdoms and life. This was being recognized when the massive and speedy increase of knowledge begun in human history. Human acquired the curiosity to study the human mind and behavior as well as their physical abilities and limits.

Where this curiosity comes from? This insight of questioning within the human mind is the intuition that naturally flows and give commands to the brain to perform an action and accomplish the answers. This is the mindfulness that initiates the instant flow of knowledge and came from the inner being or soul. The beliefs about the supernatural things that coexist with the human, the energy that balances the forces and gives life and the abilities of the human to interact with it are some forms of mindfulness.

meditation is not mindfulness – is a way different with meditation. When we say mindfulness – it is simply our awareness to anything in an instant way without thinking. Mindfulness is a kind or a tool of meditation that connects our spirits to the surrounding energies. It is a natural flow of information that our inner being is being relayed to us. People used to accept beliefs and reasoning without the documentation to support. The way to achieve the full control of mindfulness is by practicing.

How about Meditation?

Focusing and controlling awareness can be called Meditation. It is not just a relaxation, but instead, it is a practice of connecting, communicating or interacting with the surrounding energies.

This practice is not as easy as we all know. The mediator may experience disappointment if they do not achieve what they are expecting for. This is not a one time process of praying techniques for self-improvement. To learn more meditation forms, you need to seek the help of the experts like meditation teachers in a yoga center, gym or places where most of them are located. They can help us the beneficial effect of mindfulness meditation and how to achieve the relaxation and shifting of our energy.

Mindfulness-Meditation Benefits
Patience is a virtue and we must possess it to gain the positive outcome of the released efforts. Mindfulness Meditation will provide the following benefit:

1. It Improves physical health. It improves the physical health condition by balancing the energy flows inside the body and reflecting physically. This will lessen the illnesses that caused from stress, anxiety and fear.
2. It Improves mental health. Meditation relaxes our brain and controls the mental behavior when facing the problems. Taking it easy and do not give an inappropriate reaction to present controversies or problems
3. It Control emotional stress. While controlling the mental behavior, emotional stress will also be lessened or eliminate it at all.
4. It Improves spiritual relationship. Improving spiritual relationship with the Creator will develop Love within and giving us the wisdoms of fulfilling the desired perfection.


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