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Michael G. Testimonial Part 3

Prerequisites for a treatment

It’s hard to say exactly whether I believed this would help.  My attitude was more of a “let’s do it since the opportunity presented itself.”  If I were to have a chance to be seen by the best medical doctors they might have treated me.  Yet, what I had through Obama Care didn’t bring any definite results.  Seeing Bea again and have been spoken with her at length I was convinced that she was not a fraud as she definitely believed in what she was saying and doing.  That alone was a sufficient condition for me to try.  I was ready to do whatever she would ask me to do regardless of how silly this might seem to be.  After all, when a doctor asks you to open your mouth wide, show your tongue and say the long “aaaaaaaa” this sounds pretty silly. Yet you are making yourself suspend the disbelief and go along with it.  You give yourself a chance.  Why not in this case?

As I said above, we’ve talked at length about my life and I related to Bea that I didn’t see much meaning let along purpose in my life.  Bea ordered my astrological chart.  I’ve read those before and wasn’t much impressed.  Somehow they never fit my character and this was no exception.   When I confronted Bea with this doubt, she told me that this aspect also concerned her.  She noticed that for a Pisces I am too detail oriented and thorough.  Thus, since as she put it, there are usually no clear signs, she suspected that I have a strong influence of Scorpio.  I looked out Scorpio character and was suppressed to find out that much of its description fits me quite well, with the caviar that the personal traits of Scorpio were softened by Pisces.  For example, Scorpios never forget someone who did them wrong and even concocting the revenge.  I am also this way, with the exception that I wouldn’t go as far as revenge, but would only avoid such a person.  This Scorpio influence also suggested that the time and the place of my birth used in the chart calculation weren’t precise.  This actually didn’t surprise me because I never paid attention to it when this information was available and today there is no one to ask.  Also, I was born in a city that covers a large geographical area and has many hospitals.  Considering this lack of precise information the recreation of exact mutual positions of the planets would be quite challenging.

Still, reading this chart and using her intuition Bea revealed me the purpose of my life, which was the big load off my shoulders.  Not going too much into the details about my own life, I can only state that the purpose of it had more to do with what I was “wired” to do rather than with what I was intended to accomplish.

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