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Michael G. Testimonial Part 4

The treatment 

Then came the time for the first treatment session.  A remarkable part of it was the fact that I didn’t have to be next to the healer.  All that was needed was to have Skype connection open, supply my full height photograph where the healer can see my chakra points and fulfill some other minor requirements, like wear all white clothing and don’t eat or drink during the treatment session.

During the session, I didn’t feel anything special, actually nothing at all.  Yet the result of it was quite revealing.  Bea told me that I am missing certain vibrations in my aura and therefore suggested to compensate them with the power of crystals.  In my case the suggested crystals were or green colors such as dioptase and malachite.  At this point, I was at a certain fork on the road.  Such advice seemed odd and defied a rational explanation.  However, after some hesitation, I decided to cast the doubts.  After all, the solution I was looking was in the occult sphere. If so why was I clinging to a rational explanation?

Once the stones were obtained, Bea programmed them or cleaned them from the energy of the previous owners and I started using them as prescribed.

I would say that the first positive changes I started to notice after the third session.  They had to do with my mood and the energy level.  Usually, the dark cloud of failures and difficult moments in my life define a significant part of my immediate perception, injecting a tinge of skepticism into my reactions and judgments.   The aftermath of the sessions, however, was the realization that this dark cloud was pushed further to the boundaries of the visible sky.  I still was aware of them, but their influence was less and less dominating.  The other change manifested itself as a surge of sudden energy.  I could do exercise for a longer time, in a faster pace and could devote more time to work and studying, without feeling absolute exhaustion.

At this point, I decided to continue the sessions and noticed further positive changes in my anxiety, blood pressure and even in the ability to hold myself from overindulging with food.  It’s not to say that I didn’t have relapses.  There were several moments when my condition fought back.  However, its reoccurrences were rarer and not as significant.

Helping yourself to heal

The last and just as significant part of healing was guided meditation, which should become the constant part of my health maintenance program or self-healing. With Bea, we did one session together and the next one we did over skype.  During these sessions, I was following Bea’s instruction to breathe deeply and hold my breath as long as possible, while she was doing the color painting meditation on her side.  The purpose of meditation process is to free your mind from all the fidgeting thoughts.  I can compare it with the restless monkey that runs around and touches all the things that could possibly be touched or tasted.  Thus, meditation is the process when you try to control that little mammal, immobilize her, at least, for some time thus letting her rest.  Bea thought me that the major problem I was unable to relax my mind. That problem incidentally is common to many people.  Humans are the only species on earth capable of high-level brain activities like abstract thinking and imagination, but we were never thought to relax our mind.  Consequently, we sleep many hours to relax our body but never relax our mind. Relaxing your mind is the key to self-healing.

Meditation comes quite difficult to many people, as it was for me, because of the restless nature of the mind. But with different guided meditation techniques, Bea succeeded to achieve this relaxation with me.  I realized that when I held my breath, my mind was sort of freezing since all I could concentrate at the moment was my breathing or the lack of it.  I try to practice this on my own as well.  This is harder without Bea’s support.  Yet, I think I am progressing and I am now confident that I’ll be able to be proficient in it eventually.

Finally, she made me ponder on the nature of success. Is it really all about being rich, good-looking, to have social recognition, like we accustomed to thinking in the Western culture, or is it about inner happiness, a piece of mind, and will power?

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