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Mindful Cooperation versus Competition

mindful cooperation versus competition

mindful cooperation versus competition

Life is all about associations, whether in the work place, pursuit of resource, a life partner, there will always be a party you will have to associate with. Moreover, these associations are more with the continuing increase of the world’s population. Of all the associations you have, they can be effectively categorized into two groups; corporations or competitions. Normally, corporation is between those who share your ideas and interest while competition is between those who you similar goals. This categorization is extremely fluidic as it can mean either, and just as fluidic is the definition, so is the aspect between corporations and competitions. To make this clearer, corporations are not only with friends and competitions are not with your enemies.

The mere fact that you are in an association with an individual or are competing with another doesn’t mean you in the situation forever. While corporation should be sought to stand the test of time, it is critical that one understands that competitions are temporary and you can compete with your friends through healthy and constructive competition. Being in competition with an individual doesn’t mean enmity and this understanding is the basis of the commonly used phrase; disagree to agree. Note: it is not agree to disagree.

Each and every single individual has their own ideas, understanding of things, and perceptions of that which is. This explains why to some the glass will seem half empty and to other half full, In any case, seeing the glass as half full has more and far reaching benefits that seeing the glass as empty. Now, those that see the glass as half empty are not wrong, but such is not good for them, and thus, from a mindful corporation and competitions perspective, it is essential that the concept at play be disagreeing to agree and help such an individual to see the glass as being half full.

Mindful cooperation requires that, for each single association, corporation is better as it enable better integration and improved efficiency towards the realization of the set initiations. In a corporation, one will spend far much less energy and all the energy that is emitted is directed towards the implementation or success of the initiative under pursuit. This does not mean completion will not be there. Competitions are an impetus towards the realization of goals. However, it is only useful when it is healthy and the individuals involved understand that completion is not enmity, but pursuit for the better from an individualistic viewpoint.

Mindful cooperation versus competition at an individual level and in the course of life is to meet both in equal measure, the best you can do is mindfully make the best of each towards the realization of your good goals.


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