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Mindful Wholeness

Mindful Wholeness

Mindfulness & Wholeness

Mindfulness & Wholeness

Energy; in its daily usage is a scientifically oriented word that is used to mean that which bears a force either potentially or otherwise. Everything around you has a form of energy; both the living and the non-living. The good news is that, just as energy can be transferred in science, you can make use of this form of energy from that which is around you. This form of energy is referred to as Chi by the Chinese, Ki by the Japanese, and Prana by the Indians. Under mindfulness, you can harness this energy, or in general, the energy around you and make the most out of it. Ki, Chi, and Prana is also referred to as the life energy of the universe and it is believed to be from three sources; the solar, the ground, and the air. These three items have life supporting energy for example, you have to breath to sustain life, therefore, when you breath, you intake energy into the body, energy that supports life.

The solar which is represented by the sun, is required by plans to create their food and has numerous energy oriented uses on humans. Lastly, the ground is a symbol of life because, when you plant, the ground has the energy required to sustain that plant through germination to production. These forms of energy have been used through mindful wholeness for example in healing. Among the Chinese, chi is used for healing purposes with specially healing strategies that include controlled breathing, specially healing centers located in natural surroundings, used of crystals, and much more.

Through mindfull wholeness you can focus your attention to a specific area or organ in the body. This way you can feel the organ or the part, but in addition to the communication, you are able to transfer energy to that part of the body. This can be physically manifested for example, through rise in temperature of that part of the body. The Chinese say that, “Chi follows Yi”, where Yi is the mind or attention. Mindful wholeness has been defined as the magic that everybody can harness for complete body health and wellness. Through universal life energy which is presented by the surrounding, healing is holistic in nature and in addition to healing bodily illnesses; it can also heal the soul hence full body and soul wellness.

Through mindfull wholeness, you can avoid such negative energies such as stress, argue, clouded mood, etc. You will be interested to know that, wellness of the body and the soul is more like a get pack, it can be filled then gets depleted with time. Thus, occasional appreciation of mindful wholeness is necessary to ensure that you are well equipped to face the day to day life, and the frequency of ‘refilling’ will depend on the nature of your day to day lifestyle.

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