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Mindfulness – Healing Arts

Mindfulness – Healing Arts

mindfulness - healing arts

mindfulness – healing arts

Body and mind are two parts of a whole.   Weakening one part of that whole has its detrimental consequences on another one.  A body trauma induces sufferings in the mind and, vise versa, a trauma inflicted on the mind (emotional trauma) causes problems in a body.  Nowadays, stress is one of the major sources of emotional trauma resulting in physiological problems like essential hypertension, ulcer and even cancer.  In the modern life stress is unavoidable.  It could come in emotional, intellectual, or physical varieties.  We just have to find the way to deal with it.

Mindfulness – healing arts is a preventive path to better well-being.

As many threatening diseases could be the result of the mind trauma, their treatment should also transpire on the mind plane.  Further, since emotional trauma attacks both the conscious and subconscious mind the healing efforts have to be directed to both parts of the mind as well.   Many problems come because the mind of a modern person is overloaded, fragmented and clogged up with negative thoughts, emotions and persistent associations.

Therefore treatment should take the form of clearing, easing and freeing the mind.  It is now becomes a well-known fact that exercise, healthy eating and mindful healing are the ultimate treats that bring forth desirable results.  However, it is in achieving those objectives that people have difficulties.  Many people would wish that they could relax and enjoy themselves but this mental state only comes when we eased our mind- cleared it and let got that freedom.   In general, in order to achieve this people have to learn how to be mindful.


Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts- feelings- bodily sensations- and surrounding environment.  Among the things that shape up mindfulness there are calm awareness, observing without involvement.  Mindfulness is all about allowing the surrounding events to take place, being aware of them without attempting to take control over them. Don’t get engrossed in those thought or emotion.  Rather try just to register their presence as if you are observing thoughts of someone else.  Think of them as if experienced by other person.  This will allow you to suspend if not let go off the negative thoughts, fears and frustrations.

Having confidence in the spiritual healing method is the key to seeing success in the healing process.  At no point we should doubt the process itself. The healing immersion require perseverance and a clear mindset that only focuses on the healing. Those who doubts and pulls back fail to achieve a mindfulness healing. The astral force field that supports healing should be consistent and dense so that healing phenomenon be given enough room to take place for the best results.  This will restore our peace of mind and happiness again. One should go slow, settle herself in mindfulness, pull back doubts and engage in translational movement throughout the entire healing process. It gives a wonderful feeling, the one that guarantees joy and happiness free of the stress that one previously suffered.  The feelings of pain, fear and frustrations that used to incapacitate a person, now are perceived only as minor disappointments, which could eventually dissolve by the hearth of mindfulness and spiritual healing.  This also brings spiritual growth in the person who has undergone the mindfulness healing. It is therefore good and important for one to encourage acceptance and positivity as much as possible in order to ascend to a higher vibration.


Nowadays, for a higher state of consciousness, there is a wide variety of healing arts that can help people in winning back their mindful joy and freedom. One should have a proactive attitude toward the mindfulness healing by practicing disciplined modalities that builds a good “mindset.” Here are some of the modalities that one should keep in mind; Yoga, Meditation, Chi-gong, Feng-Shui, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Energy Healing and more…..

In situations and instances where there are met-up groups in your town, you don’t need to hesitate but act proactively for expansion of consciousness, by availing yourself for the good course.

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