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Money Spiritual Asset

Money spiritual asset

Money spiritual asset

Money is a medium in trade industries; it is the form of payment in exchange for any products, services and/or debts.  It belongs to necessity for every human for their livings.  It is their protection against suffering, poverty and death.

When we observe the literal form of money, it is just an ordinary coin or bills with no life but has great value.  Aside from it, money has a frequency that vibrates and attracts human spirit.  This attraction may create a positive or negative reaction, followed by uncommon distress.

Positively, if the force reacts on good deeds, the outcome will be in a positive form.  There is balance in the energy flows throughout the spirit.  It means the relationship between the spirit and money flows and reacts naturally and smoothly providing joy, happiness and contentment.  No stress will rise because there is enough money to pay for bills and all other debts.  The feeling of security and contentment balances the relationship of money to spirit.

On the contrary, lust for money is the worst result of negative attraction to money.  Money alone is a neutral form and useful part of our daily life. But, too much desire for money is unhealthy, spiritually speaking, it is ungodly.  There is no contentment in the heart of human who possesses the obsession with money.  The frequency of moneys’ vibration is high that turns human attitudes into greedy, selfish, covetous and more.  They’re using the money for wrongful and inhumane deeds to support their lustful act.  Crimes, robberies, wars, adultery and many others related to this act are the products of said imbalance.

Money as a spiritual asset may bring imbalance like we observe to someone with debts.  A person who cannot manage his/her money may end up having debts and a greater increase of anxiety and stress.  They do not manage their money well because they love spending it and do not save it for important matters.  When this happens, their future is in trouble!  Paying debts with high charges and penalties is hard to accept and it weakens the spirit.  The ability of the soul and its trust for handling the money also decreases if the problem is not solved.  Weaken spirit are commonly experiencing stress, anxiety and more that affects physical, mental and spiritual aspects.  The vibration that exists to money may heal the suffering of souls, or it may pollute the innocent soul to the extent of their destruction.

How can we balance the flow moneys’ spirit?

As human, we are guided by religions where they give advices to strengthen the energy within us.  One of these guidelines is the power of love that works for the benefits of us.  These magnetic powers build and burst the confidence and trust attitude of the beholder to strongly survive to their money problems.  To enlighten them how to manage the financial flow, the balance in and out of money achieving abundance in life.

Money as a Spiritual Asset

Abundance is not bad, but you are given that gift to share not to get more.  The money must be shared with those who are in needs like poor and incapacitated people who have nothing.  Churches also need the support of their followers in terms of money, to sustain the needs of propagation.

Balancing energy must be earned by exercising the self-healing.  We can express our feelings through meditation and visualization.  Knowing your spiritual ability and power will balance the energy of money; the lusts will dissolve and decreases into love of money.  Your faith will limit your obsession with anything you desire.  You will experience the spiritual enlightenment that will constitute to your new beliefs in life.

While still in the process of self-healing, have a seat, make a list of all your money problems one by one.  Try to solve the easiest problem on your own, until the list decreases.  Then, if the problem is hard to solve, try seek the advices of the financial experts.  They will provide you accurate decision making in solving such problem.  As the problem resolves, the greater the chance of healing and balance to your spirit and to the force that exists on money.  Your heart will be filled with happiness and joy in giving and sharing.

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