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Money spiritual energy

Money Spiritual Energy

 money spiritual energy

money spiritual energy

The space, the universe, the galaxies, the solar system, up to the smallest particles of human cell is moving in circular motion.  This orderly movement is known as “Circulation”.  It balances every living and non-living materials.  When everything is in balance motion, there is no dilemma, no occurrence and no complication may arise like what we can observe in the other space.

How money connected with the process of circulation? 

In economics, Circulatory flows involves the process of circulation of currency in the banks or any financial institution. Money is the item used in the circulation of currency.  They always called it as a medium of exchange.  It is used as payment for basic commodities, the wants and the needs of every human.

Is there a balance in our currency circulation?  

Spiritual assets requires spiritual Intelligence. Observing every country’s economy, we can conclude that there is no balance in human society.  If there is balance, there is no beggars in the street, no poverty and no slaves.  Balance is parallel to sufficiency in everything.

Money is not bad, but mishandling it spoils the soul’s purity.  This spoilages give imbalance in the flow of energy from material and spiritual aspects.  By having imbalance, the force releases from the money’s energy weakens the ability of spirit to control the circulation of chakras.  When it succeeded in defeating spiritual energy, the development of lusts for money starts and the beginning of different unwanted human behaviors.  There is no contentment in life, wanting anything in abundance.  Jealousy and materialistic person can observe anywhere.  The greediness of the wealthy person in connection to the corruption that uses power in money laundering, slaving poor people and do inhuman acts.

Poverty also influences the flow of weak energy of spirit.  Managing debts provides stress, anxiety and fear on suffering from its consequences.  The result, physically and mentally illnesses.  Worse scenario of negative flow of energy, suicidal.

How can we turn the money into a spiritual asset?

Humanity really needs some help to correct and connect the material with the spiritual elements.   Take time to relax, go to a relaxing place and have a nature trip.  Try to connect yourself in nature.  Communicate with your inner being, this will give you a chance to be enlightened.  The process of self-healing starts with you.  This will clear your minds and bring back the purity of your soul.  With clear minds, you will be able to think of a simple solution to most of your financial problems.  Communication with your family and friends will give you happiness, their advises and supports will relieve the burden in your heart. Then, give some time to visit the church.  This will give your spirit bursting, energize it for the faster healing process.  As you continue healing, the freedom from negative attraction is attainable.

In attaining the freedom, is the beginning of the positive views of using the money.  The discovery of the spiritual meaning of money and its uses.  The balances of negative vibration into positive forces  that will maintain the spiritual trust in handling money.  This will help viewing the debt as spiritual development.  The desire of abundance will be for good intention in times of the new consciousness.



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