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Motherhood Energy

Motherhood Energy

Motherhood Energy

Motherhood Energy

Motherhood energy starts the moment the moment we were born, brought by our mothers. One of the most powerful forces in the universe and with the greatest ability to heal comes from the divine feminine energy. The divine feminine energy is a vibration growing and growing inside you. The power of motherhood comes from the feminine energy and is a very special energy of complete love. This vibration is available within you. The only thing you need to do is to allow yourself to connect with your higher self and ask the universe to be a vehicle of this powerful energy, because is already within you. To do this you must focus on the divine feminine energy. The feminine energy is the energy of intuition, inspiration, and source of inspiration, it’s sexual energy and is the purest healing energy; is the energy of the soul.

The divine feminine energy is an inexhaustible source of power, that always listens to her intuition,  full of light, is healer and completely receptive energy, to be open to all opportunities that life has to offer. The healing  power of motherhood comes as a representation of the feminine energy; is a fundamental force of creation, a key part of what the whole is.

Motherhood energy is so powerful brings life, cherishes, nourishes, strengthens feeds. And flowing through all of us as human beings within our soul. Without the power of motherhood we would not exist, no creation would have been possible.  Is energy and magic to illuminate everything for the new to be coming. The power of motherhood is full of intuition, protection, inexhaustible sources of temperance and unconditional love for a new one. In humans manifests as the purest and most unconditional love we have known: Mother’s Love. Let´s honor and elevate this energy. Let’s take a meditation of thankfulness to the healing energy of motherhood.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

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