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New Consciousness

 new consciousness

new consciousness

Since the 1970s when the concept of new consciousness began, it has grown through the years and it is expected that this concept with will more pronounced, more adopted, and more practiced. The new age ideology has been growing each year and as we head into 2015, the new age is expected to be not just an ideology but a way of life. Through the years, humans have continuously sought after knowledge and wisdom with the objective if making their lives better. Each day, humans will spend more and more time working, but while the primary and direct objective for working is to get what to eat, from a broader perspective and an entirely way of thinking, each day is spent by every living person with an endeavor to make their lives better.

What is better? Based on the new age concept, the measure of better is based on the standards of spirituality, environmentalism, holism, and mysticism. The need to realize these standards is clear from the increased agitation for environmentally friendly strategies which are mainly in the industrial sector. The idea for environmentally safe strategies in 2014 was at a global level and even though there has been differentiated adoption level of these strategies, 2015 is expected to be the year when we will see the start of a global initiative in the adoption of the question of environmentalism is almost every aspect.

The idea of new age is wrapped around an eastern image. One of the practices that have an eastern image is meditation and it is no doubt that meditation is no longer limited to the eastern region of the globe. However, even though meditation and its use have spread through the entire face of the earth, its adoption and use have been faced with difficulties. The understanding that meditation has real results has grown through the years and in 2015, it would be expected that the use of meditation will be done by diverse cultures.

The concept of holism is a better illustrated in the medical sector. With the emergence of complicated and hard to treat ailments for example cancer, the medications and treatment options that are being popularly sought after are the holistic kind. These are treatments that do not only major on the body, but also the emotions and the person as a whole.

The above are but an example in which the concepts of the new age have been widely adopted and used. In addition, in these examples, the various new age elements used are clear and well elaborated. This is not to say they are the only areas where new age has been adopted. There are numerous areas in which new consciousness has been used and in addition, to the above example is the area of music. Even though new consciousness has been largely adopted with the youth, it has slowly crept to the older generations and in 2015, it is expected that it will be common in everything.

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