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The Power of Words

The Power of Words

the power of words

the power of words

Words are not useful and good unless throughout a special elegance they put you in to contact with the Thing, however in themselves they comprise no value.
Actually, the ideal state – which has by now been partially realized by several people – is to transmit the necessary idea and even somewhat that is superior to the idea: the condition – the position of consciousness, of perception, of knowledge, – directly throughout the vibration. When you consider, the mental stuff vibrates in a definite way compliant with the shape your consciousness provides to your thinking, and it is this pulsation which must be alleged by the other mentality if this is well attuned.

The Power of Words in the New Consciousness

The whole thing we say has consequences.  We could bring motivation and joy to others or grief and pain. We should be more alert of whatever we say.

If we talk in haste words of no worth without reflecting on the result of what has been said – the consequences can have an extremely negative result. Quite frequently, we say incorrect things since we do not take the time to break and consider beforehand we speak It is significant to choose the topic of the conversation depending upon who we are talking to, as there is as well a time plus place for diverse conversations.

In us there are negative words, opinion and tendencies that hit out frequently with a push from Satan plus the irony is that we utilize them not simply with strangers however with those we love plus value the most! In our conversation, we must avoid violent, talking too loud or else not loud enough.
Indeed, words serve up simply to draw the notice of the other consciousness or else the other mid of consciousness, in order that it might be attentive to the pulsation and receive his; however if it is not conscientious and does not have the capability to obtain in comparative stillness, you might pour out miles of word without creating yourself understood at all. So one talk, the sound is noticeably heard, but this conveys nothing – it is not an issue of sound, it is a stuff of accuracy in the vibration.

As we every one like to converse about ourselves, there is space for being a superior listener, to be thoughtful and considerate. Learning to authenticate, show considerate in addition to being compassionate and cheering are all influential ways to demonstrate our love as well as care

We have an influence on other and our body language plus tone speak volumes. If we should assert ourselves, this must be done in the correct spirit and select our words sensibly for words could Never BE Taken Back.


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