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Psychic Abilities You Have


psychic abilities you have

psychic abilities you have

Amazing Psychic Abilities You Have

Many people have an impression that psychic abilities is something from Harry Potter fairy tale.  In reality they are just as common as any other abilities.  In fact, those people who have them might not even know about them.   Thus, without knowing about it, you might have, at least, one psychic ability stacked away in the periphery of your mind and only waiting to be discovered.

< h3 strong>Psychic Abilities Are Real

Remember that moment? You had a strange feeling that something is about to happen with your relative or friend without any logical reason.  And then … it did happen.  Or, maybe, you heard a phone ring and knew who was on the other end and what they were about to tell you, without actually knowing it.  If you did, this was a manifestation of your psychic abilities. In the hustle of everyday life this realization can pass you by unnoticed or be mistaken for perception, intuition, or even Lady “Luck.”

Yet if you find yourself repeatedly making those “lucky guesses” that turn out to come true, you might actually be congratulate yourself with having a psychic ability.  Usually psychic abilities come through your senses. Although at time they can manifest themselves on the level of pure thought.  Let’s see if you can guess which one you might have?  Below you can see their incomplete list.

Psychic Abilities List

  • Clairaudience
  • Claircognizance
  • Clairscent
  • Clairvoyance
  • Retrocognition
  • Remote Viewing
  • Aura Reading
  • Empathy
  • Telepathy

 More Psychic Abilities you Have:

There are more like receiving psychic messages through Automatic Writing, or detaching your spirit from your body by using astral projection.  You might want to receive information about people and objects by Psychoscopy, or heal others by means of Spiritual Healing.

How about conversing with the dead by using Mediumship, or moving objects with your mind using Telekinesis…  How about disintegrating objects in one place and integrating them in another, just like in Star Trek?  No. I was just testing you.  This is already a science fiction.

If you’re interested in any of these abilities click this link.

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