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Psychic Self-Defense

Psychic Self-Defense

 psychic self-defense

psychic self-defense

We tend to accumulate stuff, material, emotional and spiritual stuff. Be aware that material things store energy. Anyone who has kept a present from a grandparent departed parent or another significant person knows what this can represent: a ring, a book, furniture…anything  from a beloved one now crossed over the next life becomes a precious keepsake. These are connections with the past and with those whose lives made us who we are today.

Maybe, they hold the energy of sorrow, pain, anger and misery. Do you want that in your household or in your body?  You need to practice psychic self-defense.

Recycling the clutter in psychic self-defense, is the ability to discern the energy, imagery and messages emanating from certain objects that can be helpful and useful or not.  

“We” the modern witches and psychics can do the job, as well children, who intuitively sense the energy vibration or frequency in natural objects; this is a “psychic self-defense” that was denied in our western culture, otherwise is protecting ourselves from negativity.

Wood, metals, and crystals are alive, as the Earth is animate, but they do not experience life as we humans or other beings do. Like humans, animals and plants, certain objects are made stronger with exposure to sun and water; others need to be treated with care and gentleness, they are sensitive receptors of the energy of their home-place and users, in other words: spirits.

Recycling the Clutter in psychic self-defense

Recycling the Clutter in psychic self-defense

Recycling the Clutter in Psychic Self-Defense

Using clothes, furniture, books or jewelry with unwanted “spirits” may bring obstacles and stress to your life.

Find out where your things were produced, manufactured or used. Was it in a sweatshop?…Bad energy

• What kind of jewelry did you wear? Who used it before?…Clean with salt and water.

• From whom did you get this wooden furniture’s? Was she/ he depressed or resented? …Bad energy

• Past generation women were mistreated; their voice could not be raised; a status of slavery made them very unhappy, constant humiliation and unfaithfulness were a common issue, be aware of the “spirits” remaining in their belongings. Try to avoid gifts from female ancestors….Bad energy

They need to be cleaned for psychic self-defense. 

Wiccans, Earth magicians and Shamans talked about ways to connect with spirits; this is a common practice in Metaphysical Healing,  today’s Earth Planetary shift of vibration leads to greater spiritual evolution; it involves a kind of programming and reprogramming of yourself.  For all of these reasons recycling the old clutter, is the optimal way to begin 2013, nonetheless is on your foremost interest and self-defense.

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