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Psychic social stigma

psychic social stigma

psychic social stigma

Skeptics – The Social Stigma

Psychics and Healers have being historically rejected by religions and media- Till nowadays no one wants to admit that help could come from a spiritual healer- let alone a psychic. Several years ago a young man wanted to know if his mom would be released from a captivity; she was captured by the Colombian FARC. I clearly saw that she will regain her freedom as well as saw the place where she was kept a prisoner. Her ordeal lasted years and I was in a steady contact with the family. Finally, a security company from Israel got in touch with me requesting to draw a map of the place where their client was incarcerated.  After the requested information was sent, an operation that seemed to be a Hollywood production with special effects has happened and this lady was released from captivity.

However, after the family announces the good news, it didn’t give any credit to those involved.  Having asked for a testimonial, I received a plain answer: Jesus Christ made the miracle.

During the last millenniums, the spiritual healing power of the mind was forgotten and denied. Religions as a system of organized monotheistic beliefs alienated the power of the mind, therefore the society was brainwashed with skepticism. Consequently, the spirit was “attached” to a religion and until today, the Western culture perpetuates the erroneous belief where religion is widely accepted as the only bulwark of spirituality solely responsible for miracles.

Because of the social stigma; all testimonies on my website are done under the condition of anonymity and contact information privacy, which I will always honor.

the social stigma

the social stigma

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The social stigma

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