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Silence Power

solence power

silence power

Within every human being lies a silence nature that is usually underneath as well as beyond the obvious noise in the mind. It is indeed true that all communication is born out of silence and leads back to the same silence it sprung from in the start. It is also correct that when the mind ultimately comprehends something, it resolves in silence.

Only in silence, do we comprehend and feel the authentic vibration of creation, get to listen to the sounding source, eternity’s whisper. Within the borders of silence, do we get to discover our genuine common nature- that we are all an expression of a divine being or power behind the universe. This power manifests in the human body, mind and heart.

A Spiritual Healing takes place through the AIR element enhanced by  Silence Power

Still in silence, do we get to discern the truth of interconnectedness as well as the most worthy jewel of love. It is within the vicinity of silence that we tap into our earnest creative powers, to the wellspring of all creativity, to consciousness as a whole.

The power of silence results in healing and nourishment that is far unexplainable. This is who and what we are as humans. The deep and inner silence is one true virtue and characteristic that all awakened individuals have in common.

Taking some time in meditation and contemplation enables one to overcome any form of the panic of silence. This becomes possible as one learns to embrace silence than run away from it. Instead, as we breathe into silence, face it and welcome it, as a teacher can become the most enriching therapy we can give ourselves.

On the other hand, the silence we begin to realize whenever we are still and quite are never empty, barren or a lonely place at all. On the contrary, it is within silence that we realize the energy and the core pulsation of creation such as the hum and the pulse f the universe.

Consequently, we live in a wilderness of noise given that noise is more than just sound. Noise has to do with the constant bombardment of stimulants to ours senses intellect as well as our emotions. The effect of all such noise is that it becomes an impediment our inner composure and peace and most important, to our social interactions as human beings.

Based on some other reasons, most of us have been engulfed with the fear of silence or have lost total familiarity with the wonders that emerge out of silence. Even still, silence is essential to our spiritual and physical well being as humans. However, authentic silence is never empty. In silence we get in touch with peace- insight- wisdom and understanding. It is through silence that we get to know and deeply understand our own hearts and nature.

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