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Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Another one of my abilities is to communicate with spirit guides.  I feel that I am surrounded by a few them.  I perceive their voices since I was a child and was listening to them thinking that this was a very common thing, like hearing, vision or a sense of touch.  I think everybody have spirit guides, but most people don’t bother getting in touch with them.  I use their help every day.

If someone comes to me with a question, I am using one of the tools like astrological chart or Tarot cards and then visions arise in my consciousness that come from elsewhere and the voice sounds inside of my mind.  It’s like I am channeling this voice as the third party –  I am not analyzing the answer I receive – I am just voicing whatever the answer is.  In a way – it’s like a spirit guide saying something using my voice.

Connecting with spirit guides through artistic expressions

Helpful inspirational writing , painting, or doing any creative-artistic activity will empower the process of being united with our spirit guides, associates, instructors, or even speak with the loved ones who have recently passed on.

Memories accompany psychic data when we are working with souls we know generally in this life, so it is regularly challenging to be completely sure that our personalities aren’t misleading us. Regardless, we are regularly given emotions or experiences that can persuade us regarding the honest to goodness nature of experience. We may get visual impressions in the ballpark of a soul’s previous natural presence, we may hear voices with identifying accents and sexual orientation; we may sense emotions being impressed upon us, or we might channel information.

Each one experience will be distinctively different for every individual. Pick a soul or spirit guide you might want to unite with; or take in more about. In the event that you are not cognizant of any of your guides yet, ask the Universe to pick one to reveal to you. To start the stream of inspirational creativity, make note of the issues with the circumstances, keep composing until a feeling of solace and acknowledgement starts to flow. Throughout these written work sessions you may end up in the company of numerous distinctive situations. You may observe that you are appropriating portrayals or symbolism, names, occasions or verbal messages.

When connecting with your spirit guides through artistic expressions – you may be given data about past lives of your soul guides – and additionally their otherworldly roles in your life. This data may as well endorse impressions you gain through contemplation, you may have sensed his or her energies, or had a dream of his or her manifestation. We can research our past lives, when we trust in them, through inspirational writing as well. This might be a wellspring of both, interest and comprehension toward oneself. Our abilities, interest, karma, our friends and family and our foes go with us from life to life. Components of our past lives are surrounding us in our present lives. Then again, assuming that we are looking for a more significant comprehension of our soul’s history, we can utilize our artistic abilities and our instinct to help us.

Are their intentions good?  

Humans have a freedom of good or bad intentions, but spirit guides don’t have this freedom.  Their intentions are always good.  There are no bad spirit guides. Only people could be bad.


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