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Spiritual Ascension

spiritual ascension

spiritual ascension

Being spiritual is an impetus not only for the individual, but also for the society in general. Given the benefits of being spiritual in general, it is important that any person should seek to develop and ascend in their spiritual being. How do you d this?

In order to ascend to new dimensions in spirituality- the first step is to practice being spiritual. Practicing spirituality enables one to get in touch with their spirituality, understand it, understand the spiritual world and enable them to develop and amplify it. It is worth noting that every individual is spiritual as spirituality in something everybody is born with. To make it clear, spirituality is not religious and the two are diversely dissimilar. To practice spirituality in the ordinary in concerned with observing various elements for example mercy, practicing peace within self and the surrounding, and being in harmony with others.

Once you have touched base spiritually, it is then possible to ascend to a higher dimension. To develop spiritually in the new consciousness requires the practice and observance of a number of elements. The first is meditation. This old age practice is one of the treasures that have been passed down through the generation to use. To learn the secrets of meditation is one vital step towards ascending spiritually and to do this, it requires being in it. To meditate successfully is a practice and it is only after you can meditate successfully that you can ascend to the next level.

To ascend spiritually means the ability to access energies that were not possible to previously. For example one of the energy that we have limited access to spiritually is intuition. At birth, this energy is at its best with a child being able to identify its mother before they can see. However, this gets diminished through life and if not checked, it is eventually lost. How do you keep this burning and eventually get it to the next dimension where you can tell on events before they happen? One of this is through active meditation and by involvement in intuition. To get involved in intuition means taking note of events that happen after intuition, taking note of intuition thoughts, and preparing when you experience intuition thoughts.

In every aspect of living, spirituality in constantly bombarded and when this happens, one will instinctively converge as to protect the feeble treasure. Through converging, the various aspects of spirituality which can be said to form the fourth eye are pushed to a corner and start to gather dust and ran stale. It is worth noting that, whenever we experience challenges and situations that seem to hit our soft core, it is an opportunity to grow therefore the situation should not cause one to revert, but rather to learn and move on…so does the spirit grow within leaps and bounds.



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