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Spiritual Awakening

 Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening requirement is to get disconnected!

spiritual awakening

spiritual awakening

Did you ever feel being overwhelmed by life: obligations, payments, projects, and meetings, phone calls, emails so that you feel more like a biological robot than an individual?  If a thought of your life being controlled by the Matrix crawls into your mind, then it’s the time for your spiritual awakening.

A spiritual awakening – also known as “ascension” happens when one becomes more aware of themselves on a much deeper than the usual day-to-day task handling. For this to occur you need to get disconnected of all technological devices.

Spiritual Awakening requirement is to get disconnected!

Spiritual awakening is a sudden expansion of our consciousness, an opening to new understandings. Going through the awakening is to suddenly have a deeper awareness of what is going on around you and of yourself, being more aware of your life experiences and the lessons you have learnt from these experiences.

You will start to feel more in tune with yourself and everything around you. You may feel more content and at peace your surroundings, yourself and other people.  You will start accepting who you really are and let go of negative feelings that you had towards your life and people. Gradually, you will go through a healing process of your heart, soul and mind.

Spiritual Awakening is to communicate with nature

You will suddenly start seeing the world in a different way and your previous views and opinions may change drastically. A spiritual awakening can be very life changing for a person especially if that person was not spiritual to begin with. It will make you feel unity between all the living things: the people, animals and plants.

So if you would like to discover your true inner self, the spiritual you, and to connect to this self and if you would like to learn to love and accept yourself and others fully you need to embark on a journey to a spiritual awakening.
With spiritual awakening you may discover your spiritual gifts that could help you to make a positive difference in the world that you’ve always yarned.  You’ll be able to experience life in its fullest, make the most of it and to develop empathy, compassion and sensitivity for people, animals and nature.

How can you achieve spiritual awakening?

There is no awakening, if we remain 24 hours/7 days a week “connected” to our daily stressors like projects, bills and obligations.  That will lead us only to a burn out.  The first step in achieving awakening is to turn off your electronic devices and stop thinking about future projects. Spiritual Enlightenment requires an attitude, a mind-set with a desire of “peace of mind.” In this frantic world we are constantly bombarded with information. Even If it comes from family, friends or work; get disconnected for 12 hours. Start enjoying the silence and the music of your mind.

Is it possible to disconnect in our modern thirst for information?

It turns out that it is possible that even some government officials understand it.  In France, where employees have been granted “the right to disconnect,” that’s now against the law. A recently enacted — and hotly contested — French labor reform bill is an amendment banning companies of 50 or more employees from sending emails after typical work hours. “The right to disconnect” amendment, as it’s so called, is aimed at minimizing the negative impacts of being excessively plugged in.

Spiritual awakening is a flow of consciousness. When consciousness expands and opens into a new dimension – we call that a spiritual enlightenment. There are several types of awakening through life: First steps, first words, sex and love… we take for each one, one step at the time.

There are different ways of achieving this awakening:

  • Star meditating
  • Contemplate nature
  • Do outdoor sports
  • Enjoy a meal
  • Read a book of your interest 

What really matters is what your awareness is doing right now. It’s about living in the now, being fully aware that the only future we need to accept is the now.

Just as it’s more realistic to eat strawberries than read about them, it can be more rewarding to explore the movements of your own awareness than to try to understand these things mentally.

Life is more that constant connection and news invasion.  Start today with a first step, conscious awakening is waiting for you. Begin your own spiritual awakening!

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